Tuesday, April 1, 2014

My Husband Turned 36

A couple of weeks ago, my husband celebrated his 36 birthday.  I had wrote a post, but I guess I never hit publish, and now you don't get to see my mushy post to him.  Probably better off.
My husband was pretty spoiled this year I would say as he got new steps for his Tundra courtesy of his parents and myself.  Who knew steps would be that much?  But it was worth it because it is so much easier to get in and out of the truck and he wanted them so bad.

The evening of his birthday (March 23rd) we went to Western Village Steakhouse.  Now if you clicked on the link, you would have seen that the steakhouse is in a casino.  Since I work for the Nevada Gaming Control Board, I don't go into casinos too often outside of work, but this steakhouse is so worth it.
I remember my husband (boyfriend at the time) taking me here for the first time.  It is a small casino that has cast offs from the Peppermill (their sister casino).  I remember thinking it can't be THAT good even though some other casinos in Reno have amazing steakhouses.  It was THAT good.
So every once in a while, we remember to go and have the best experience.  If you are in Reno and decide to go, get the table side Caesar salad.  It is to die for.
We brought our own bottle of wine, Scribe, as it is one of our favorites from our former wine club (oh how I miss you Scribe Winery).
Since it was my husband's birthday, I allowed him to pick our starter and salad.  He chose the escargot and table side Caesar.
We also had the soup (part of ordering your entree) which was a beef barley soup.  This might be my new favorite soup ever (from there of course).  I could have had a bowl of that to-go for lunch the next day.

In between courses, they served champagne and sorbet.  I believe it was raspberry sorbet.

Our entrees came and I somehow didn't take a picture of my filet minon with a bernaise sauce, roasted veggies and a baked potato.  But I did get a picture of my husband's bone-in ribeye steak with sweet potato wedge cut fries and roasted veggies.  His was pretty amazing too.

For dessert, we had cheesecake courtesy of Western Village Steakhouse with a candle.  I wonder what my husband wished for?  We ended our meal with some decaf coffee and truffles.  It was the perfect ending to an amazing and super filling meal.  I can't wait to go back to this hidden little gem.

One last photo of my handsome husband on his birthday.

Happy Birthday babe!  Hope your birthday was everything you hoped for and more.  I love you!

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