Tuesday, April 15, 2014

25 Things that Make Me Happy

  1. Being married to the love of my life (you know this one was coming with how much I STILL talk about my wedding day)
  2. Walter the Dude
  3. Wine
  4. My garden (and how I can't wait to plant more in it)
  5. Time with my girlfriends
  6. Vacations (which I need to plan our next one)
  7. Date nights
  8. Snowboarding
  9. Beach days at Lake Tahoe
  10. Football Season - Go Pack! Go Niners!
  11. Warm blankets out of the dryer
  12. Online shopping
  13. My daily morning latte
  14. Italian food
  15. Pay Day
  16. Spin class or a daily run
  17. Massages and facials
  18. Family brunches/dinners
  19. Frozen yogurt
  20. Happy Hour
  21. Peonies (and roses and lilies)
  22. Fires in our fireplace
  23. Food
  24. A baby's smell
  25. Weekend cuddles with my pup
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