Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Usual Weekend Update

It's Monday Tuesday which means weekend update time.  This weekend we celebrated my mom's 50th birthday.  In other words, we threw her a surprise 50th birthday party.

Now I have been going back and forth on this idea for about two months.  Back in February (at my sister's birthday dinner) my sister, dad and I discussed throwing a surprise birthday party for my mom.  We, at the time, thought this was a great idea, but soon my worrying started that my mom would hate this much attention.  I was right, sort of.

I called my mom on Friday to wish her a Happy Birthday and see how her day was going.  She informed me that she wasn't celebrating that much and barely anyone at work knew about it.  Just the way she wanted.  She woke up to a mushy card from my dad and was happy as a clam that this was the only celebration she needed and wanted.  I had a little bit anxiety that we made the wrong decision, but there was no turning back.  Plus if my sister and I didn't plan it, others said they were going to.

My sister and I have planned this party for over a month with the help of my aunt (my mom's sister) and I think it turned out very well.  This is my first real party that I have ever personally thrown (other than my wedding and let's be realistic here...that was an event that was planned over 6 months).

Saturday morning I picked up a cake from my favorite baker and friend, Stacey at Cake on Sunday.  Then I picked up my sister and went to my aunt's house to set up.  We had to decorate and food prep for over 25 people.  It was a lot of work, but with the help of my cousin and uncle, we got it done on time and pulled off the surprise.

I don't have any photos of us surprising her since I was finishing last minute details as she showed up, but she was surprised, really happy to see her friends and family and I think she had a great time.
Some of the food (Brie and bread, caprese skewers, fruit skewers with a honey yogurt dip, veggies and ranch, meats, cheeses and rolls, mini quiches, candy and cake)
Vanilla cake with a raspberry filling (Ah-mazing!)
My flower girl (Miss B) and my 2nd cousin using the decorations as pom poms to cheer on my mom when she was opening gifts

The party was a success and my dad made me promise him I wouldn't throw him a 50th birthday party.  I promised him I wouldn't, but I can't control others.  Dad, if you are reading this, I fully intend to take you to Western Village Steakhouse as promised and I won't throw you a party.

Sunday it was gorgeous outside, so we decided to take advantage of the beautiful day and start our garden and flower beds.  We bought a few veggies that can handle the weather should it get cold again and some flowers.  Plus I bought some awesome practical gardening shoes (I will take a picture later) instead of my usual pair of sandals.
We have planted two kinds of tomatoes (heirloom and roma, at least another 4 tomato plants to come), red onions, two kinds of lettuce (mixed greens and arugula) and broccoli.  I also planted strawberries in a wine barrel (not pictured).  We plan to add bell peppers, more tomatoes, cucumbers, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, carrots, baby kale and butter lettuce.  We still have a lot of room in this part of the garden, two other wine barrels and another small garden bed not pictured.  I love fresh homegrown fruit and veggies!
I also planted four different kinds of flowers in the front planter box along side a bunch of wild flower seeds we planted a few weeks ago.  I can't wait for all the fresh flowers we will have in our house this summer!

I am really loving this amazing spring weather.  In fact, it can stay until October please.

And here is another picture from the weekend of my cutie, Walter because every post should end with something or someone as adorable as our little dude.
Standing on his dads pillow checking out the neighbors.  Such a cute little snoop.

How was your weekend?  I can't wait for this upcoming weekend just to soak up more Spring weather and get outside more.
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  1. Very sweet to surprise your mom! We took my mom to Newport for the weekend for her 50th :)

  2. Yay! This was so nice to do for your mom and I'm glad that it all worked out. So happy I got to make the cake! I love you!! <3