Tuesday, February 4, 2014

My Super Bowl Weekend

I think I am finally over the Super Bowl loss, even though my team wasn't even in it.  It was a boring game to say the least and I want to congratulate the Seahawks on their victory.  That being said, can we please bring on baseball season?
I had an amazing time at my families annual Super Bowl party.  I ate way too much food, watched all the cute commercials, watched the boring game and played with my almost two year old cousin's son.  He was just too darn cute.  Oh and I won some money from playing squares, so I call it a win for the weekend.
If you know me, then you know that I do love Peyton Manning.  I have been a fan of his since he played at Tennessee.  No I am not a bandwagoner.  No I don't care if his team wins all the time.  I just like to watch him play, so in honor of Peyton playing in the Super Bowl, I wore my old Colts jersey (don't hate, I have more Niner gear than you can imagine. I only have this one Manning jersey).  But I will say that I took it off before half time even started.
This was before the game even started.  See how happy I was then.

We had an amazing food spread.  This is only part of it.  Missing were the salmon, tri-tip, turkey, some desserts and other yummy stuff.  I got too busy eating to take anymore photos.  So just imagine what was there.
 This was only one table. We had a kitchen island full, the stove and counters were also full.  Now you can see why I was in a food coma ALL.DAY.LONG.
 The best spicy chili ever.  I may have had two bowls.
Delicious brownies.  I may have took two home and ate them for breakfast yesterday.

I did manage to go snowboarding this weekend.  It was my first time on the mountain all year long.  It was a lot of fun, but way over crowded.  Only half of the mountain is open due to the lack of snow, so it was a fight to not hit any beginners on the way down.  But I got 10 runs in, and it felt so good to be back on my board again.  Here is to hoping more snow is in our future.

The rest of my weekend was a blur.  How was your Super Bowl party?  Did your team win?
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  1. 10 runs is a very decent day! I am so slow and end up getting frustrated because I fall off EVERY TIME I get off the lift!

    1. Practice makes perfect. Where do you usually snowboard/ski?