Friday, January 31, 2014

Super Bowl Fan Friday Edition

Guess what day it is?  Friday!  That means Fan Friday Link-up, and this week is one of my favorites.  Super Bowl edition. 
It is very known how much I love football. I live, eat and breathe football.  I get pumped when Spring practice starts.   I stalk the Niner Nation blog.  I play Fantasy Football, and I secretly wish I was an NFL star.  Plus I may know more about NFL football than my husband and many guy friends do.  But my husband definitely knows more about college football then myself.
Sometimes I get upset that I can't play football.  Like the real deal football, not touch or flag football.  I think it would amazing to play quarterback or almost any offensive position.  To be able to strong arm the defender as I run the touchdown in and win the game.  Aww the life.  Then I can make up some awesome touchdown dance which will be featured all over ESPN.  Hello Colin Kaepernick.  I definitely heart you and my husband knows this.
But since I can't play the real deal and be a big NFL superstar, I will settle for being Erin Andrews Part 2.  She has my dream job.  Oh what I would give to have her job.  Maybe I should have went to school for Journalism.  So failed on that one.
But when it comes down to it all, I can't wait for this weekend, but I also don't want it to be here.  Super Bowl means the end of football for what seems like forever, or until August.  It means no more lazy Sundays in my Niners sweats cheering my team on.  No more anxiety induced panic attacks during nail bitter games (hello Niners vs. Seahawks, Packers, Panthers).  No more Monday Night Football outings with my friends.  And no more games to attend at Candlestick Park.  
So I bid adieu to football after this glorious weekend until August.  May the best team win.  That means the Broncos and Peyton Manning...who will get the MVP this year!  Count on it.
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  1. Can we PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go back to school together and get a degree in Journalism!?!?!?!? I screwed up on that one too :(

    1. Yes we can! What school would you like to go to? I dream of being like Erin Andrews. Best job ever. Sign us up NOW!