Friday, January 3, 2014

Aww the Playoffs

In true Fan Friday fashion, I must talk about the SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS and how they are in the playoffs.  It's true, I am beyond excited that the Niners are in the playoffs for the third year in a row, but what am I not excited about?  The fact that they are the 5th seed with a better record than the Chiefs (11-5), Eagles (10-6), Chargers (9-7) and Packers (8-7-1).  It is BS that the Seahawks won our division (I am not angry or anything!) and the Niners have the third best record, but still get a Wild Card spot.  Yes I know how the playoffs work and why it happens, but it doesn't mean it is fair.

Did you know the Niners have to travel to crap hole (sorry if you live there in the freezing, yes ICE HOLE) and play in -5 or so at kickoff with a wind chill of -20 or so?  And when Justin Smith was interviewed this week, they asked him if he was going to wear long sleeves under his jersey.  His response...that's a game time decision.  Now that is a man.

But back to the topic at hand, the Niners vs. the Packers.  I am really scared for the Niners due to it being so cold, Gore trying to run in over 100 yards when it is that cold, Kap must ran his butt off in order to win this game and hoping that someone can hold onto the ball in the frozen tundra.  But there is the fact that Clay Matthews is out.  Now he can't get away with spearing Kap.  Rodgers and Cobb are back, but they are not 100% yet and we must take advantage of that.  Awww it is going to be a stressful Sunday.

Just like Sarah spoke of in her Fan Friday (#4 My life span has just been extended), my life will probably shorten just a bit after the playoffs and hopefully Superbowl are over.  The good news is, I will be in San Francisco at an engagement party (yes we all are Niner fans, so we will be watching the game) enjoying yummy cocktails and food.

Who are you rooting for in the playoffs?  Do you think it is acceptable to wear my Patrick Willis jersey to the engagement party?
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  1. Ok honest question here, would you rather have an extra year of life, or a Superbowl win. I would really have to think that one through.....

    1. Oh that is a really good the Niners need one more Superbowl win to be with the Steelers, and I want the best, but an extra year of life is good too. I am really not sure which I would choose. I think this question would be an awesome poll question to see how die hard fans are!