Thursday, January 9, 2014

San Fran and Football Fun

I had a pretty good weekend (I know this post is way late) because I got to see family from out of state and the Niners won their playoff game against the Packers!  I probably did lose a few days to months off my life from the stress of the game (see Aww the Playoffs), but they came out with a W and that is the best possible outcome.

I did find out that it was more than ok to wear Niners gear to the engagement party, so we definitely wore our team favorites.  The engagement party could have been a let down if the Niners lost, but thankfully none of us had to go through that.

We drove to the bay area early Sunday morning, but not without a stop in Truckee at Marty's Cafe.  I had the best breakfast sandwich with eggs, baconm guyere, greens, lemon aioli, french bread and house potatoes.  So good.

We were lucky enough to see my sister-in-law and her new fiance since they came in for the engagement party and to check out places to live.  Good news is, they are moving (hopefully) to the bay area sometime this year, and needed to scope places out.  So sad they will leave NYC, but so happy they will be closer to us all.

But back to the drive, we drove the 4 hours to Tiburon, California where the weather was absolute perfect.  Couldn't say that about Green Bay.  It was ridiculously cold there.  The Niners played very well and won.

Post game, we all went outside to enjoy the sun.  Can't you tell everyone was soooo excited?  And this family is a Niners family?!
Photo is a little blurry, but here is part of the family.
 So pumped after the Niners Win!
The newly engaged couple
 Breath taking views
After enjoying football, beer, wine, food, dessert and the beautiful sunset, we headed to Piedmont, California where we were staying with family.  We were told we must try Johnny Walker Blue Label scotch once we got to their house.  We did a taste test between Blue Label and Macallan 12.  We both love Macallan 12 already, so this was a treat.
Verdict?  We liked both, but Blue Label was a little smoky and Macallan was more like honey.  My choice was the Macallan, but I did like the Blue Label.
Do you like scotch?  What is your favorite?
Monday we had an amazing breakfast of eggs benedict and fruit prepared for us by my lovely aunt in law before driving back to Reno.  It was a goregous day, so we drove back leisurely, but make it home before the National Championship.  And I must say I was really happy Florida State won!
Now this weekend is the Niners vs. Panthers game in Carolina.  Break out the vodka for early morning blood mary's.  I will be need one or three of those over the course of the game.  Don't judge.  Go Niners!

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