Monday, January 27, 2014

Mondays Suck

It is Monday and Mondays sucks. Not only do I have the worst headache in history, but I barely slept due to said headache. Ugh. 
In other news, I was rather impressed by the Pro Bowl yesterday. I loved the new set-up where Jerry Rice (best wide receiver ever) and Deion Sanders draft players for their teams. Then those teams face off, and make the game so much more interesting. Most Pro Bowls suck because the players barely make plays, don't want to be there and don't want to get hurt. This year, some of that applied, but mostly, there was a lot more action and fun. 
Of course I was on team Rice because I am a diehard Niners fan. And team Rice squeaked by with a win at 22-21. Congrats to Nick Foles for his offensive Pro Bowl MVP. 
Speaking of MVPs, who do you think will win this year's MVP? My vote is for Peyton Manning. I sure do love Peyton Manning. No I am not a band wagon jumper. I have liked him since he played in college. I follow what he does, not his teams. Of course I am rooting for the Broncos in the Super Bowl because I hate the Seahawks (division rivals and they took down my Niners), and I don't want to see Pete Carroll with a Super Bowl ring. 
What did you think of the Pro Bowl uniforms?  I liked them better than the NFC vs. AFC ones. 
 How was your weekend? Sorry this post is short and not exciting. I am going to get back to work while nursing this headache. I don't think there is an aspirin big enough for my headache today.

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