Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Amazon Prime Day Deals - What We Purchased and Love

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If I was on it, I probably should have put this out yesterday. But I didn't really want to spend a bunch of money if there wasn't much that I needed. I went into the Prime Day sales with the idea of getting the girls a new tablet each, a long skirt for their first day of school, and to see if any of my repurchase items were on sale. 

I got the skirts (4 of them in hopes that two will work out for them), I got a few repurchase items and two other items. That is it.

I thought I would share what I got plus a few items that I have previously purchased that we LOVE!

So what did I buy or already love?

Last year we had two major fires near Reno. It made our house stink and our air quality just awful. We decided we had had enough when we could smell a campfire in our house (so to speak).

Rory did some research and these are the best. They are from the brand Levoit. We got two of them. One for a large room (ie our living room) and one for smaller rooms (like bedrooms). They have a wifi option in them, so you can download the app and turn them on via the app. This made it so easy to get the house to a good air quality before we got home each day.

If you struggle with smoke, allergies, dust, pet dander, etc., then this is just what you need.

Levoit Air Purifier

Levoit Air Purifier (Large room: up to 403 sq. ft.) Originally $289.99, on sale for $186.99 (save 36%)
Levoit Air Purifier (up to 219 sq. ft.) Originally $149.99, on sale for $104.99 (save 30%)

I wanted a roll up drying rack for awhile, but never really pulled the trigger. When I saw it on lightening deal, I grabbed one. It was only a lightening deal, so it may not be available anymore. But I love the idea of drying my dishes above the sink. You can also use it to put your veggies on to dry after soaking/cleaning them.
Roll-Up Drying Rack

My big purchase was an iWatch. I have talked about wanting one for awhile now, but didn't want to spend $400+ on them. But since I saw it on Prime Day deals, I asked Rory if he really did love his and he does. He has had his for almost a year and he uses it all the time. I love that you can answer calls and texts on it, it tracks your sleep (though not as good as my Garmin) and exercise and has GPS.

My Garmin Vivomove is over two years old and it is becoming noticeable. Sometimes it won't let me choose an activity, start one on its own or change settings. Usually I have to turn off blue tooth, plug it into the charger and try again. That sucks when you are out and about or at the gym. Also sometimes it freezes and gives me a lite up triangle and won't do anything. While I love the look of my Garmin Vivomove more, they stopped making them. So now to try the iWatch.
Apple iWatch 7 Series with GPS
Apple iWatch 7 Series with GPS  Originally $399, on sale for $279

The girls asked me for long skirts for their first day of school. One of their friends has a ton of them and now they want some. I told them I would look at the Nordstrom sale....nothing. I also said I would look at the Prime Day deals. I found 3 different ones, and purchased those, but one of them I purchased two of just in case they both want the same color. I hope this is the style they were going for, but if not, then returned they will go.
Girls Long Skirt
Girls Long Skirt  Comes in 2 colors, originally $18.99, on sale for $15.19 

Girls Long Skirt
Girls Long Skirt  Comes in 7 colors, originally $18.99, on sale for $15.19

Girls Long Skirt
Girls Long Skirt  Comes in 9 colors, originally $21.99, on sale for $17.59

A repurchase is the Tom's Toothpaste without flouride. I have gotten this a few times for Rory and this is his go to brand for toothpaste. I use a different one, but he likes this one. I got a three pack on sale for $9.72, originally $13.50.
Tom's Toothpaste

Another repurchase but first time on Amazon is the NYX Marshmellow Primer. I talked about this awhile ago on a Friday Favorites post. I am about 1/2 way through my first bottle and I want to get this again while it is on sale. It smells heavenly, goes on smoothly, helps keep my makeup in place and isn't expensive.
NYX Marshmellow Primer
NYX Marshmellow Primer  Originally $17.00, on sale for $9.86 (this is with the extra $4.23 amazon takes off)

I purchased a Nespresso Vertuo Plus Set during the Black Friday sales in 2020. I wanted to have the ability to make one or two cups of coffee per day. I heard amazing things about the Nespresso, so I got it on sale and in a bundle. It came with a frother and a box of capsules to try. I found a few that I loved and have been repurchasing them ever since. My favorite is Vanilla Custard Cream. I have it on auto-ship now.
Nespresso Vertuo Plus Bundle

Nespresso Vertuo Plus Bundle  Originally $233, on sale for $151.50 (35% savings)


  1. The skirts are cute! I love my apple watch too.

    1. My girls now want to keep them all. Ha. Not sure if we will though. I am just learning my iwatch, but so far I really like it.

  2. The air purifier sounds wonderful.

  3. Enjoy the Apple Watch.

  4. You will be so glad you got an Apple Watch! It is seriously one of my favorite things ever! I couldn't live without mine!

    1. You inspired me to get one. I love seeing you close the rings and I love that you can see pictures on it, take calls on it and get texts and respond to them. I am still overwhelmed by what it all does, but I am learning.