Friday, February 7, 2020

Friday Favorites

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Today I head into surgery, so please wish me luck and maybe send out a prayer or two. I will be reading blogs and answering comments from you all next week, but I won't be around that much. I do have some posts planned, so I hope you still read here next week.

Onto Friday Favorites and Happenings.

ONE. Bri asked me if I was doing a kids gift guide for Valentine's Day this year and I hadn't even thought of doing that. So I decided to put some gift ideas on here for the little ones. I do get my girls a few things. Target dollar spot has some awesome items right now. I bought the girls the red heart pants below, the strawberry Burt's Bees chapstick, some candy, a puzzle from the dollar section and some Valentine socks and hair clips/ties. I found a Valentine bin in the dollar section to put everything above in it.

Here are some gift ideas for the little ones:
Love from The Very Hungry Caterpillar

I always try to get the girls a book for every holiday. Ok, not every holiday, but Valentine's Day, Easter, Birthday, Christmas, Halloween, etc.

Light-Up Terrarium Kit

I bought this recently for a birthday party the girls are attending this weekend. I thought it was a very cool gift idea and the girls will be receiving one each for Easter.

Melissa and Doug Scratch Art Notes

A friend of mine purchased these for her kids for Christmas and they have been a huge hit. She writes them notes all the time and the kids use them to draw and play.


The girls love putting together puzzles and I got them a Frozen puzzle each as part of their gift.

Valentine's Love Socks

I also get the girls socks for most holidays and this holiday was no exception. Plus they love hearts, so these will be worn for way longer than Valentine's Day.

Burt's Bees Strawberry Chapstick

My girls love chapstick and they really love Burt's Bees, so I got them a strawberry flavored one for Valentine's Day.

Cat & Jack Heart Leggings

I am a sucker for anything hearts and I got these for the girls to wear on Valentine's Day. Plus they can wear them the rest of the year since they are not just Valentine's Day leggings.

I also include candy, bath products, card games, gardening items, etc for other fun gifts. 

We don't get each other many items for Valentine's Day, but I do want to shower the girls with a few things.

TWO. So this isn't a favorite, but more of an update. Walter took a turn for the worse on Sunday. He threw up and had diarrhea again. He didn't have blood in it until Sunday evening.

We had Super Bowl plans that we had to cancel since we couldn't leave Walter alone. He threw up twice and tried a few more times, but nothing would come up. And then he wouldn't stop going outside to go number 2. It got so bad it was just liquid coming out of him and we had to follow him each time to see if it had blood in it.

After cancelling our plans, I headed back to the Emergency vet to get him more of the food he was on for about a week and to grab more probiotics. Walter hadn't ate anything since the night before and we wanted to try to get him to eat. He didn't want the food until 7 pm. We gave him the prescription wet food with some probiotics and he finally ate. Though he continued to have diarrhea all evening with a little blood in it after we went to bed.

That night we had to get up with him when he went to the bathroom to check his poop and make sure he didn't have blood on his booty. This kept us up until around 1 am.

Monday morning, he ate his food and seemed better, so we headed to work. I called his regular vet to get a prescription of the food, but they wanted to see him. So Tuesday afternoon, we took Walter in. They gave him a check-up, gave him more antibiotics, a stress probiotic, asked us to get a fecal sample and prescribed him the food we requested plus some for stress.

So Walter has been on that for a few days and he is getting back to normal. But we are pretty sure, he will be on this food from now on. And we are awaiting the test results from the fecal sample. 

THREE. I have been shopping for items for the house since our renovation is wrapping up. Last weekend, I bought two new bath mats/rugs for my bathroom. One is a memory foam mat that feels amazing on your feet when you step out of the shower and the other is a long one that spans the length of my vanity. Both are beautiful and feel nice on your feet.
Pottery Barn Organic Loop Bathroom Rug

Pottery Barn Memory Foam Bath Mat

I got the second bath mat on clearance at my local PB.

FOUR. Weekly funnies.

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Have a great weekend!


  1. Good luck with the surgery! I hope Walter is ok too.

  2. Good luck today and sweet walter... we have those heart leggings as well. let me know how surgery goes.

    1. Surgery went well. I am still recovering, but I did head back to work today. Wish me luck. Those are the cutest leggings. The girls looked adorable in them!

  3. That scratch pad . adding to my cart right now!!!
    You know I'm lifting up those prayers - its all going to be smooth & you'll be so ready to get back at life feeling great soon!

    1. They are awesome. I love them. Thank you for your prayers. They meant the world to me!

  4. You have been in my prayers all morning! I hope everything goes smoothly and that this is the last one you'll have to have!

  5. Good luck with the surgery! Praying for you and your poor doggie.

  6. Thinking of you! Praying that all went well and that you will be on the road to recovery. I hope you can get some rest and enjoy the weekend.

    1. Thank you so much. I did get a lot of rest and am starting to feel better each day.

  7. Thinking and praying for both you AND Walter! What a stressful time. Here's hoping you get some good rest this weekend, friend.

    1. Thank you. We are both doing better. He is back to his usual self and I am healing each day. Still sore and tired, but working on healing daily.

  8. The hoe LOL! I always get Zoe a fun bag of stuff for Valentine’s Day. Right now she really wants the Elsa dress from frozen 2 (we already have the first one) so I’m doing that with a frozen cup, a small box of chocolate that has frozen on it, and putting it in a frozen 2 bin to organize Small stuff in her playroom. Love the ideas you shared.

    I hope your surgery went well! And I hope Walter feels better. I always feel so helpless when dogs are sick because they don’t understand what’s going on.

    1. My girls have that Frozen 2 Elsa and Anna dress. We got them after Halloween on sale. Total score. I like that you went simple too!

      My surgery did go well. Thank you so much!

  9. I'm glad Walter is getting back to normal! Hoping your surgery went well -- thinking of you, momma!

    1. Thank you so much for the prayers for Walter and I. We are both doing better now. Especially him!

  10. Hope your surgery went well. That terrarium kit is really cool.

    1. Thank you. The terrarium kit is really cool! I plan to get my girls one for Easter.