Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Mother's Day Gift Guide

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Mother's Day is this Sunday. In case you haven't shopped for your Mom, I have some suggestions for you.

ONE. Biana posted this beautiful silk pillowcase on her Mother's Day guide and I had to steal it (Thanks Biana!). It is supposed to help you sleep longer, anti-aging, lessen your hair breakage and keep your face moisturized. The perfect pillowcase for mommies. The price tag is a little steep, but if you can get this as a Mother's Day gift, total win-win.
Slip Silk pillow case

TWO. Bum Bum Cream. I recently talked about this in a Friday Favorites post, but I have been using it for two weeks now and I love it. It smells amazing, keeps my skin hydrated all day long and I am hoping it is smoothing my booty lines (cough: cellulite) out. Definitely worth the $45 price far.
Bum Bum Cream

THREE. I am all about the tassel earrings right now. They are fun, different and bold. When Kendra Scott launched her new summer line and I saw some tassel earrings, I have secretly been wanting them and dropping hints to Rory. How cute are these?
Denise Rose Gold Statement Earrings In Lilac Mother Of Pearl

FOUR. A Massage Gift Card. 

FIVE. A circular beach towel. You all know my love for Lake Tahoe. Especially Sand Harbor. I have seen the cutest circular beach blankets/towels (especially on Strange Bikinis IG) and I really want one for this summer. I found some at The Tides Project and I have my eye on this one.
The Tides Project Beach Towel

SIX. A bright pink nail polish. 
Butter Flusher Blusher

SEVEN. A new pair of soft pjs for the summer. I never splurge and buy myself pjs. I don't know why, but I just never do. But when I saw these Plum Pretty PJs, I wanted them. How beautiful is the print?
Pretty Plum Sugar PJs

EIGHT. I have been wanting another pair of Allbirds for quite awhile and they introduced the Lounger version (slip-on) and that is the one I have had my eye on. They are unbelievably comfy, you can wear them without socks and are breathable.
Allbird loungers

NINE. I love candy. Especially gummy candy. It is no secret that I love SugarFina candy. I love the champagne bears and always welcome them in a gift.
Sugarfina champagne bears

TEN. I have a wedding and some other events which requires dressing up. While looking at cute clutches, I came across a new one by Leith. This would be perfect for all of those events. Plus I could use it for date nights.
Leith Clutch

Mother's Day Gift Guide


  1. Those PJ's are adorable! I dont know why we never treat ourselves to PJ's... I basically live in them all weekend anyways so I should buy some more.

  2. Fantastic gifts, lady! Love them, thanks for sharing! <3

  3. I need one of those pillow cases. I had a sample of the bum bum cream and loved it, need to get the full size. I hope you get hose earrings!

  4. I need to check out the bum, bum, cream and I was just telling Eric I needed a new pair of pjs for the summer :) Sierra~Beautifully Candid

  5. Those pajamas are adorable! I have a similar pair and I live in them! So many great ideas

  6. Sooo much goodness, I have a silk pillowcase and love it. And I would now like a handful of Champs gummy bears, lol!!

  7. Love these ideas! Those Kendra Scott earrings are absolute beauties. I hope you get them!

  8. I had to suck it up and just send a gift card to my MIL, this move has me all stressed out.

  9. You have given great ideas and showed things to be purchased for Mothers. They all are useful one:)

  10. Everyone talks about the Bum Bum Cream! I feel like I just gotta try it, it gets such rave reviews.

  11. These are all great but the bag is gorgeous and the pillow a BRILLIANT idea!