Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Weekend Update

Another weekend in the books. I really tried to enjoy this weekend as I knew I would be away from my family for 11 days. We had two date nights, park time, Jeep time, pizza night and got Sutton's stitches out.

After work on Friday, I went in for my scheduled pedicure appointment. I was able to relax for an hour and a half and meet the co-owners new baby. He was sooo darling and the baby fever was at an all time high. Then I headed over to Target for some travel essentials and a few Valentine's Day stuff for the girls. Then I headed home and we went to dinner. The girls were picked up by my in-laws as they wanted an evening with them. That meant a little date night for us.

We headed over to Midtown eats for some burgers and fries. So good. The girls got home just before 7 pm. We got a recap of their evening and then got them ready for bed. We read them some books, snuggled a bit and then they went to sleep. We then watched the first episode of The Deuce. Good, but graphic.

Saturday morning, I went out for some coffees and pastries which we enjoyed at home in our pjs. After getting ready, we headed out to Petco for some dog food and then to Toy's R Us to use the girls gift cards. They got Princess cell phones that take pictures, keys and credit cards. Plus some diapers for their babies. They picked it all out. We then headed to the park to burn off some energy.
twin toddlers

twin toddlers at the park
 Avery climbing everything
twin toddlers at the park
 Sutton, happy as can be. You can barely see her stitches here.
twin toddlers at the park

Then we headed home for lunch and naps. While the girls napped, I went to have coffee with my friend. It was so nice to catch up with her. Plus we were at my favorite coffee shop.

After my coffee date, I came home and Rory headed out to take Walter on a walk. While he was gone, the girls woke up. I taught them how to put diapers on their babies and then we got ready to go out and ride their Jeeps.

While riding the Jeeps, we thought one had run out of batteries (since it hadn't been charged), but after the girls rode in a Jeep together for a couple minutes, it was just fine. We were able to drive around for awhile before the girls wanted to ride their scooters around.
toddlers riding power wheels

While riding scooters, it got chilly outside, so we headed in. I took a few photos of Sutton's scabbed stitches (for progress and to send to my parents).

We ordered pizza for take out since the girls were a bit sassy. We ate dinner at home by a fire and then gave the girls a bath. After the bath, we noticed Sutton's scab fell off in between the time she got out of the bath and got dressed, but her wound looked pretty good. Rory headed off to the Nevada basketball game (we are ranked again!) while I hung out with the girls. We did our normal bedtime routine and then I watched the basketball game from home. Wow what a game. I also cuddled this dude.
cuddled chiweenie

Sunday morning we got up and got ready before heading out to our favorite muffin shop. Then we dropped off the car seat carriers that I borrowed back in November. Luckily she is totally understanding and doesn't need them. Then we headed to Costco for a few things and then back home to meet my parents. They came by to drop off some food and play with the girls.

Around 12:30 I made the girls lunch, they said their goodbyes to their grandparents and then they ate. Once they were done, we headed off to the hospital. We had to get Sutton's stitches out. Rory and Avery dropped off Sutton and I and we went in for a quick 5 minutes. They took her vital and then clipped the stitches. She cried and was scared, but she did a great job overall. We got her after care instructions and then left. We got home around 2 pm and put the girls down for a late nap.

While the girls napped, I went grocery shopping. After naps, I did some cleaning, packing and vacuuming. Then my in-laws came over to hang out with the girls again. Rory and I went to another dinner (two date nights in one weekend!) and then to Total Wine to buy a nice bottle of wine for our steak dinner when I get back from my trip. Note: when one of us goes on a foreign trip, we take the person who was at home with the girls to a steak dinner. So in this case, I will buy Rory a steak dinner for watching the girls. It is a fun tradition and we always bring a nice bottle of wine for it.

When we got home, the girls were still up in bed, but with lights out. They missed us and Avery had too much milk, so we was complaining about a tummy ache. We sat with them for a bit before they fell asleep. Then I finished some laundry and went to bed.

How was your weekend?


  1. sounds like a great weekend with your sweet family! So glad you were able to get the stitches out and that it doesn't leave too big of a scar! what a brave little girl!

  2. Poor girl. That was fast with the stitches. Glad its all out & can heal up now.
    The girls are looking so grown lately!!!!

  3. Busy! So glad the stitches are healing nicely.

  4. So glad the stitches are healing nicely! What a relief I’m sure! Have a safe trip!

  5. Isn't it amazing how fast kids heal? When Simon smashed his lip, he didn't need stitches, but it took one week for it to scab and for the scab to fall off!

  6. Awwww so glad Sutton is healing well, and the stitches are already out. Have an amazing trip, can't wait to insta-stalk!

    Green Fashionista

  7. Sutton is healing up well thank goodness. 2 date nights, woohoo! I know it’s tough leaving them but they will be fine mama and you are going to see amazing things!

  8. You really can't see Sutton's stitches very well in most of the pictures. Thank goodness they are small. I'm glad she's healing well. and have fun on your trip!! I'm soooo jealous!

  9. I'm glad you were able to pack so much into the weekend! :) Yay for Sutton getting her stitches out.

  10. I am glad Sutton is healing well and got her stitches out! Two date nights in one weekend, that is awesome! Have fun on your trip!

  11. So much fun packed into your weekend! Love the girls playing with their new toys!

  12. Sounds like a fun weekend! I'm glad everything went well with getting her stitches out and her scab fell off so easily. I can't wait to hear about your Ireland trip! Sierra~Beautifully Candid

  13. I love the balance of your weekend between family time, lots of playtime with the girls, two dates and some coffee with a girlfriend! I hope that you have a safe trip! Cant wait to see pictures.