Monday, January 30, 2017


So there isn't much to say about this weekend. We laid low and tried to see if my children's colds were progressing. Spoiler: they are.

Saturday morning we went to breakfast and then went to Target. We needed to get some summery clothes for our Mexico trip and Lindsay said they had the best toddler bathing suits. She was right. We got the girls each a new suit and I can't wait to scoop up more of them. We took a walk around the block to get some energy out from the girls and then put them down for their naps.

After naps, we took another walk, but this time the girls were in their wagon all bundled up. After a walk, we gathered everything up and headed to my sisters house for dinner. Way back in September, they had a housewarming party. Well the girls were super cranky and we didn't get to stay for very long. It was a total bummer because they smoked a ton of ribs and had lots of yummy food there. Well we finally made up for missing most of their party and went over to their house Saturday evening for a rib feast. They smoked ribs, made roasted red potatoes and asparagus. The girls dined on mac n cheese.

We had so much food. Seriously, I couldn't stop eating the ribs. Sooooooo good. We drank some wine and chased the girls around. They were getting into everything, but had the best time.

We came home, put the girls to bed, at 8 pm which hasn't happened in a long time. We watched some shows and headed to bed early. But the girls had other ideas. Their coughs got worse and they were up all night. Sutton's cough was the worse out of the two and Avery was super concerned for her sister. So anytime Sutton would have coughing fits, Avery would cry out for us to check on her sister. This went on ALL night. We maybe slept 2 hours and that is being generous.

Sunday we had breakfast with my in-laws and brought the girls home to relax. My in-laws came over to spend some time with the girls and to check on their well being. I ran to the grocery store and to the children's store to get another paci that my kids can't live without. We are so close to weaning them from the paci (they never have it at daycare), but just haven't pulled the trigger yet. Ugh.

The girls took a short nap and we cuddled on the couch watching The Break Up (on tv so it wasn't too bad). Soon it was time for dinner and bath time for the girls. After baths, we hung out for awhile before doing a breathing treatment and putting the girls to bed. There was a lot of coughing from them, but not nearly as bad as the night before.
mommy and daughter
Post nap snuggles are the best

I made Rory and I dinner while he packed. Yes, Rory is out of town for work and I am single mommying it this week and I am super nervous with how the girls colds are progressing. Ugh. Not a good time for Rory to go on a trip.

We started to watch the last episode of Parenthood, but the internet kept messing up and wouldn't stream. So we watched the season finale of The Affair and went to bed shortly after.

The first part of the night, the girls were up a lot, but then they slept very well after.

But this momma is tired and hoping their colds don't get worse. We may have a pediatrician appointment in our near future. Lord help me.

Hope you all have a good start to your week!

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  1. Bless them! Praying they feel better soon for their sake and yours Mama!! The dinner with your sister sounds delish. Love ribs too!

  2. That sounds BUSY!! Poor girls! Hope they are feeling better and you are able to get some rest :)

  3. I'm sorry to hear their colds aren't getting much better. This time of year is the worst! It's true, target has such great suits for the kids. I already picked a few up for the boys. I hope this week is better for you guys! Beautifully Candid

  4. UGH those coughing fits are the absolute worst. I hope the girls start getting better quickly, and you do well on your first solo day of the week!

  5. We have to catch up on Homeland and the Affair probably sometime this week!! Good luck this week girl! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  6. So sorry they are still sick and not progessing, and especially when Rory is out of town, no good! I hope they get well soon and your week is not more stressful that it already is. Sending hugs and wine!

  7. You guys just can't catch a break. I'm sorry. I hope this time without Rory home to help goes smoothly.

  8. Danielle, you poor thing. And those poor girls! This is just starting to get ridiculous, all of the sickness you guys have had. Praying for you guys to ALL get well and STAY WELL for a long LONG time!

  9. Ugh. I'm so sorry that the girls are sick again. Your vacation can't come soon enough! Hope they are healthy soon!

  10. Those poor girls. They've had a rough go of the first part of 2017, havent they?
    Swimsuits out... hope for Spring is here!!!

  11. The Affair.. is it good? I started it but didn't stick to it.. I don't remember why but I think I'd like it.

  12. Ahhh, hope you don't have sick kiddos with your husband out of town. That is no fun. We haven't seen the last season of The Affair. How is it?

  13. Ugh, I'm sorry that you're dealing with sick kiddos while solo parenting. As if it's not hard enough when they're not sick! Hope they're feeling better!

  14. Oh man! Everyone is sick right now! Get well soon!!