Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Lazy Weekend

Please excuse my absence yesterday as we had a rain day. Yes, a rain day. We had massive snowstorms all last week which turned into rain and back to snow. Our mountains got so much moisture that our river filled up quickly and we experienced a lot of flooding throughout Northern Nevada. 

Since we had so much water, they closed most schools, state offices, daycares and other businesses. This meant another day at home. The girls have had bad cabin fever and I am sure they are glad to be at daycare today for playtime.

We took it pretty easy all weekend since we couldn't go out.

My weekend started Thursday night where I got a massage and facial. It was glorious...other than the chemical peel. I have had three chemical peels over the last year and they have really helped with my aging face. Twins = wrinkles. 
Massage table

After my appointment, I picked up pizza from our favorite place and came home to a nice fire. We watched some tv shows and headed to bed early.

Friday we took the girls to their two year check-up. They did beautifully on all of their tests. Sutton is 34 3/4 inches and 27 1/2 pounds. Avery is 34 1/4 inches and 27 1/2 pounds. Both girls are in the 50th - 75th percentile in height and weight. 

Friday afternoon we lazied around the house with a fire and too much tv.
twin dad
Twins drinking out of big girl cups
 Sutton is obsessed with my water bottle I got from a bachelorette party two years ago.
toddler eats
 Avery couldn't get enough of the pickled asparagus.
animal knit hats
 They wanted to wear their new animal hats all day long.
animal knit hats

Saturday morning, Rory went snowboarding and my mother-in-law and I watched the girls. We played, watched some tv, hung out by the fire all day and stayed inside. We also lite some old sparklers from our wedding so the girls could see them....and to keep them entertained for a while before bedtime.

Sunday morning we headed out to breakfast and then hung out all day in our pjs. Another stormy and icy day.
identical twin
Since we got the call Sunday evening about no work or school, we decided to head up to my in-laws house Monday after breakfast. The girls played a bunch and had a change of scenery which was welcome. 

We didn't do much else that day other than eat dinner, do some laundry, give the girls a bath and watch the Alabama vs. Clemson game and The Bachelor.

How was your weekend?


  1. Its no wonder sickness happens - all the INDOOR trappings.
    I'd wear those hats indoors too if I had them - so cute! & look super warm
    Pickled asparagus? & they like that? funny.
    Glad the checkups were good for the girls.

  2. Oh my goodness pickled asparagus is a rather interesting thing for a toddler to like LOL!

  3. I'm with Nikki - the pickled asparagus is so interesting for her to like haha - even though most of your weekend was spent indoors - looks like you kept them occupied! xo, Biana

  4. Oh gosh, I'm so glad that the flooding didn't affect you too much. That's scary! And that is so funny that the girls like pickled asparagus. I saw your post on Instagram and I thought that was the craziest thing! Hey, at least they're not picky!

  5. Wow it sounds like your weather has been crazy lately! Glad everyone is ok and you made out with the flooding. Mu kids get like that too, they really like being at daycare and having other kids to play with. I've also been considering a chemical peel but I'm kind of nervous to make the plunge. Beautifully Candid

  6. A massage and facial sounds like the perfect way to kick off a lazy weekend!

  7. Flooding is so scary. I'm glad you guys are safe. I crack up at the pickled asparagus. My kids won't touch regular asparagus. Ha ha! I'm sure everyone is happy to be back to their regular routine.

  8. Glad y'all are safe with all that, i heard about it on the news and thought of you. I love that she loves pickled asparagus, she's got a future as a bloody mary drinker!

  9. That is crazy about the rain! I've never had that anywhere I've lived. Those girlies are so dang cute! Glad you guys packed so much in. The sparklers looked fun! Glad you guys made the most of your indoor time!

  10. First, I cannot bring myself to watch The Bachelor this season. Nick gives me the creeps! Though I think I'll probably give in around Fantasy Suite time, ha! Second, tell me about the chemical peels! I think I would like the results, but I'm WAY paranoid about chemicals (I think I'm going blind if I get face cream too close to my eyes) so I think I'd probably think my face was falling off...

  11. Glad you guys had a nice weekend together and got to see your in-laws too. Any weekend that begins with a massage and facial is a good one!

  12. Oh wow you guys sure did get a ton of rain!! The girls are at such a fun age now, they are so cute! How funny that they weigh the exact same. You are making me think I need to look into getting a chemical peel..hmmm