Thursday, January 26, 2017

Confessional Thursday

It's Thursday which means it is time for another round of confessions. Grab the button, confess, and come back here to link up.

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/ that after being so far behind on my blog posts, I sat down yesterday and finished up a lot of draft posts and created a few new ones. It felt so good to focus on my blog and get ahead a little bit.

/ that I still haven't looked into a new blog design. I really want a new one, but the thought of either designing it myself or installing a pre-made one makes me cringe. It is so much work and then you have to add in a bunch of analytics and things like that. #sonotfun

/ that one of my least favorite things to do (top three) is to clean puke out of a car seat. You have to take everything apart (the car seat cover and free up your belts and buckles so they are easier to "hand" clean). I have had to do this twice in one week. Two different car seats in two different cars. One was milk puke and the other was chicken and "snack" puke. The smell was awful and it is no fun pulling chunks of food out of crevices. I don't wish that upon anyone. I would rather clean up the puke in the bed, carpet or anywhere. So nasty.
puke in the car seat
Poor sweet Avery

/ that I have also changed a bunch of nasty diapers in the last week. The stomach bug hit our house hard. Please NO MORE sickness in our house for the distant future.

/ that even though I am ahead on my blog posts, I am so far behind on my commenting. I promise you I am reading them and responding to them, but I just have to do it between working because when I am at home, I am tending to sick and/or crazy toddlers.

/ that I was not prepared for the terrible twos. With twins, it isn't twice the terrible, it is about twenty times the terrible. They will gang up on you. I may have cried a few times in the last couple days due to my kids being mean to me.

/ that between my surgery and my kids being sick, I have used soooo many sick days this month. Every time I build them up, something happens and bam, I am back down to just over a week of sick leave. Ugh.

/ that I may have a few online shopping carts full of Spring and Summer clothes for Mexico...for myself and my kids. Treat yourself.

/ that every morning that we get coffee, we go to my favorite place which happens to have an ice cream shop that just opened next to it. A rolled ice cream. I want and need this in my life. Good thing we go to coffee before they open or I would want it daily.
Rolled Mountain Creamery
Does this look like heaven?

/ that I hate being negative on this little space of mine, but sometimes life is full of crap or puke and I just want to real about it all. 

And that's about all for my weekly confessions. Tomorrow I have some Valentine favorites, so be sure to check it out.


  1. I hope that the sickness is on it's way out and not showing its head again any time soon. Ugh! Hang in there momma. That ice cream looks so good! I want some.

  2. Hope everyone is feeling better soon!

  3. what is rolled ice cream?? I am so intrigued! I am so glad the girls are back to feeling better..i hope the sickness stays away from y'all for a long time!!

  4. Girl, you can complain to me any day about sick kids! It's so rough, I get it! I like that us Mama's can commiserate with eachother :)

    And that rolled ice cream looks amazing!

  5. Having sick kids is the up puke is the have the right to complain about that! I hope everyone starts to feel better. Sick time is so hard, I feel the same way, as soon as accumulate some my kiddos get sick. On a positive note, that ice cream looks so yummy.

    1. Haha. Thank you so much. I hate complaining but puke is gross.

  6. Oh man, that car seat situation is no joke! Sounds like you deserve some more rolled ice cream!

    - Claudia

  7. Oh girl... I thought of you when the stomach bug hit me this week. It really is no fun.
    I hate I've already used 2 sick days at work in January. That always makes me nervous for the rest of the year.

  8. The terrible twos are no joke. They started for Mila when she turned 1 and we're still going strong! I'm sorry you're going through that - I can't imagine how rough it must be with twins! Mila had me so upset last night, I thought I was going to throw up. Kids, ugh. That ice cream looks like the most amazing thing ever!

  9. So sorry you're dealing with sickness and 20 times the terrible twos! :( Omg, I want that ice cream!!!

  10. That rolled ice cream looks awesome! And I am totally with you on being behind on comments!

  11. Sounds like you need a long hot bath after cleaning all that up sister. That ice cream looks delightful! Hope this week is on the up and up!

  12. OMG, hoping things get better for y'all!! Try starting with some of that rolled ice cream ;)

  13. Ugh the vomit in the car seats is definitely the worst! Makes me gag just thinking about it! Sorry it's been a rough week. Hope everyone is feeling better now!

    1. Oh I gagged the whole time I was cleaning it out. That smell. Ahhhh.

  14. It's so funny that you mentioned the puke in the carseats because I was totally just reading someone else's blog about that the other day and they were saying if your kid pukes in their carseat that you should just throw it out and get a new one because the smell never really comes out. Lol.

    And what the heck is rolled ice cream?! It looks amazing!