Tuesday, January 19, 2016


I am popping in (late) to tell you all about my weekend.

Friday after work, we didn't do very much. We had lunch, picked up the girls and tried to get their passports done. But the passport office was closed for the day. And it was too late to try another since they are only open until 3 pm.

That evening, I had the girls sans husband. Rory was out to a baseball dinner (University dinner), so my in-laws came over to play with the girls and allow me to pick up some dinner for us.
 My Friday Night Dates

Saturday morning we headed to breakfast and then to my cousin's Bloody Mary Tasting Party. We drank bloody mary's (duh), watched the playoff games and stuffed ourselves full of food. So much fun. But I think the girls picked up a cold from some of the other children there.

Saturday night we celebrated Rory's promotion with a steak dinner. And it was so good. So was the people watching. Total family drama at the table next to us. 
 Sorry for the picture of a picture, but I loved the photo so much that I had to share it.

Sunday the girls colds were getting worse and we didn't get much sleep the night before. We ran a few errands, made a fire and relaxed at home most of the day.

Monday was another relaxing day due to the girls being sick. We did manage to make it out to sushi for dinner and it was really good. We were supposed to have a babysitter (my sister) to watch the girls while we had dinner and went to a surprise going away/birthday party for Nathalie, but we didn't want to leave the girls with them being so sick. So I went to the party instead and Rory sent his well wishes to Nathalie.
The cake made by Cake on Sunday
So much fun with these ladies

I didn't stay out late since I had work today and sick babies at home. But it was well worth the evening out.

How was your weekend?


  1. Yay!! Love all the photos in this post...and YOU! <3

    1. Love you too. Thanks for the amazing cake, being you and hanging out. I love our time together!

  2. Yay for a fun weekend and that yummy steak dinner and celebration but boo to your bestie moving. :(

  3. Your girls are so sweet! I don't know if I could handle two at the same time, but I'd totally be up for the challenge with such cuties! :)

  4. A Bloody Mary tasting party?! That sounds amazing! The pictures of the girls are all too cute. Love all of their clothes!

  5. I'm digging the idea of a bloody mary party. Ive only ever hosted a mimosa party....a mimosa party sans OJ ;)

  6. Oh goodness the eyes on your girls! Future heartbreakers! Yay for the night out celebrations. Hope the week is off to a great start/actually halfway through!