Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Wednesday Randoms

So I took yesterday off from blogging because I was in meetings ALL DAY LONG. No time for blogging.

But I am back today for some Wednesday randomness because there are just too many thoughts and things I need to get out.


One. I am finally getting my AWFUL stitches out today. It feels like they have been in for months. I hate them. The absolute worst. The wound is large, sits right under my bra strap and I believe is infected (red, swollen, tender to the touch and it had an infection in it before). Ugh. We shall find out this afternoon. I am counting down the hours until we figure this out.
 Left: 3 days after mole removal (12/26/15)  Right: This morning (1/6/16)

It looks so bad right now. Don't mind the tape marks. My body doesn't do well with bandages on for long periods of time. But look at how red my stitches are. I put on the ointment and bandages everyday. I keep it clean and dry and it still looks like this.

Two. I was beyond tired on Monday, but not tired enough to stop watching the Bachelor. So good. I love all the drama and man is Lace (can't her name just be Lacy/Lacey) a drama queen. Maybe she had too much to drink, but reel in the crazy girl. #fiftyshadesofcrazy

Three. Making a Murderer. So good. We started watching it New Year's weekend and we binge watched another couple episodes since then. I am stunned and blown away by what I have seen so far. I am not even close to finishing it yet (gotta wait until the babies are asleep), so please don't spoil anything.

Four. We are trying to have another day date this weekend. Just me, my husband, Mount Rose (snowboarding) and a bunch of strangers. I am hoping this storm that has supposed to be rolling in for the last few days, dumps some new snow and I can get another day in (Rose got 8 - 11 inches since yesterday!). And another day checked off my breaking even point.

Five. I went to the gym Monday and I am going again today at lunch and I HATE all the newbies there. Yes, I am glad people want to change, get healthy and fit, but I hate that they drop off a few weeks in. Just makes my month of January crazy at the gym. People not sharing equipment, no room and inexperienced people wasting my time. If you get a membership and stay at it, more power to you and welcome!

Six. Girls nights. Another girls night last night and so much fun. We went to Wingo (wine and bingo) again and it was just what I needed. Lots of laughs, dirty categories (for bingo), wine and tacos. I can't wait for next weeks!

Seven. I really need to get moving on getting the girls their passports. I can't keep putting it off because we leave to Mexico in 3 months and 2 days. The countdown is on. I guess I should print up what I need and get moving (today) and stop procrastinating.

And that's about it for my word vomit.


  1. Yikes, mole removal is no fun, I've been there. That is definitely a tough spot. Bras make it worse, mine was right where my under wire sits! Hope it feels better once you get the stitches out! I'm with you on the newbies at the gym too (even though I'm kind of one of them) it's just so overwhelming and claustrophobic those first few weeks. It really makes me not want to go.

    1. Ouch. That one seems so much worse than mine. The stitches are out and I feel better. Even though their is an infection, it is way better than the stitches.

      Yes I am off to the gym again at lunch and I am cringing. Guess I need to go to an earlier lunch and try to miss the rush hour lunch crowd. Good luck!!

  2. That looks painful girl. Ouch! I hope it isn't infected and your appointment went well. I am not a bachelor fan. I watched it when Sean Lowe was on but haven't since because the guy or too many of the girls piss me off. Ha ha! I guess that's the point but it annoys me. Hope you are having a great week!!

    1. Sadly, it is infected and I am on antibiotics. AGAIN!

      As for the Bachelor, I started watching it (and bachelorette) a few seasons ago because at girls nights my friends would talk about it and I had no clue what they were talking about. I watched the first two seasons and skipped so many. Now I am back and loving it. I love the drama and annoying people. Even Rory loves it. haha. To each their own though!

      I hope you are having a great week as well and your "present" is being sent out tomorrow. Nothing like waiting til the last day (a day where I can actually make it to the post office, haha).