Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Stocking Choices for Avery and Sutton

Finding stockings....something that has taken way more time and effort then it should have. I have been on the search for Christmas stockings for the girls. I never really thought about it until a couple weeks ago when we were putting our Halloween stuff away.

I started searching Etsy, West Elm, Pottery Barn Kids, Restoration Hardware Baby, Target, Amazon, etc. Either nothing jumped out at me or it just seemed so expensive. I didn't want the clique "Baby's First Christmas" stocking because it would only be for the first Christmas. I want something that we can use for years to come. At least until the girls are old enough to pick out their own.

I wanted to personalize the stockings, but it wasn't mandatory. And I didn't want any Disney or child themed characters.

Here are a few of the ones I searched and liked.
Christmas Stockings

1. RH Baby and Child Knit Stocking - $34 (on sale for $24)
2. RH Baby and Child Fair Isle Knit Stocking - $34 (on sale for $19)
3. Pottery Barn Gray Snowflake Stocking - $34.50 (on sale for $27.50)
4. West Elm Jingle Velvet Stocking - $49+ (on sale $39+)
5. Target Holiday Cream Fair Isle - $13
6. West Elm Knit Stocking - $24+ (on sale $19+)
7. Etsy Eugenie2 Personalized Knit Stocking - $37.50

As you can see, I clearly have a sort of look I was going for. We ultimately decided on #2, in red and white with gray personalization. I can't wait to get them in the mail and hang them up!


  1. Ahhh, I love them all! Great look. My mother-in-law made Ben's stocking, and it turned out really cute. It is a Christmas theme, but not too baby-ish, which I love. He can use it for years to come. I actually think I like the ones you picked best! I also love the Jingle Velvet ones, but I feel like they aren't as classic Christmas-y. So cute and thanks for sharing!

    1. I would have loved a Christmas themed stocking made by someone (like mine and my husbands), but we didn't have anyone to do it. But the girls are getting homemade ornaments that both my husband and I have from when we were children. I can't wait.

      And you're welcome for sharing. Hoping to share for others so they don't have to do as much research as I have.

  2. Awww, these are all so adorable. I still have my baby stocking, it's such a nice keepsake!

    1. Do you hang up your baby stocking each year? I love keepsake items. Now I need to find a first Christmas ornament for the girls,

  3. Oh my goodness I have no idea how you chose. They are all so awesome. You picked great ones though and the girls will get great use out of them. :) my stepmom made stockings for the kids. When Drew and I gr married she helped me pick out fun fabric from her shop and make stockings for us. She's been so great and made stockings for each of the kids that match ours in some way. I love them so much and my tree skirt that goes along with them. Can't wait to see the girls with their stockings on Christmas morning.

    1. Oh I would love a matching tree skirt. I bet that is awesome. Do you know what you are going to put in Emmy's stocking this year?

  4. These choices are all great! Love the ones you chose!

  5. Those are very cute and classic. This just made me realize I also need to purchase stockings! We were lucky enough that my grandmother made ours, and then mom made my other kids....but I don't know if that will be in the cards for these two.