Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Morning Chaos

Life has been a little chaotic the last two days. It started snowing yesterday and it did not stop until this afternoon. That would be great if our power didn't blow last night. We were all cozy at home, watching tv by the fire and then we saw a huge flash of light and a loud boom which sounded like something hit our front window. Then everything went out and black. This was at 9:45 pm.

We figured that was just a sign to go to bed. Except it never came back on. And it still hasn't at almost 2 in the afternoon. And our little ladies are still sick. They only have a nasty cough, but this cough induces vomiting. Or at least it did last night. Poor little ladies threw up their entire bedtime bottles from coughing and the mucus. Breaks my heart.

The girls slept in their bedroom until 1 am when the heat finally left their room. We moved them into our rooms in their rock n plays (they barely fit in them) and put some blankets on them and kept an eye on them. We didn't sleep much last night. And this morning we couldn't get ready or do anything. So we stayed at home until 10 am when we were able to take a quick shower with enough light (after two major baby blow outs) and try to get ready for the day. My hair may look like crap, but at least I am showered, my babies are warm at daycare and we are at work. Let's hope our power is back on by the time we leave work. The power companies website says it should be back on at 6 pm, but they also said it would be back on at 12:30 am, 5 am, and so on. So who knows. If it doesn't come back on, we will head to my in-laws house for the evening. So much for our planned date night and this short post.
  Our front yard this morning

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