Monday, September 14, 2015


Again, it has been forever since I posted. I was too lazy last week to write and schedule any posts, and then I was in Los Angeles for work without a computer. Excuses, I know.

So this is a little about some random things going on in my life and a weekend update.

Wednesday night after work, we headed to the mall to buy the girls new hats and their daddy a white shirt for the football game (whiteout game). We got the girls cute Wolf Pack hats, their daddy a new polo and mommy got herself a new soft Wolf Pack sweater. In love. I can't wait for Fall to wear it.

After shopping, we needed dinner. The girls were getting fussy, so we thought we would try the highchairs out. We tried once before and they would just slouch over. Not this time. They loved it. And we have been using highchairs every time since.
twins in highchairs

Thursday morning I headed off to LA for work. It was super hot, but a nice change of pace. I went to almost all parts of LA (not really, but so many). And the traffic. Ugh. So bad.
Chick Fil A
When in California, we must stop at Chick-fil-A
I stayed in Manhattan Beach and met up with April for dinner. So great seeing old friends. We had good food, great conversations and a walk on the beach. How romantic, haha. We even dipped our toes in the ocean for about 30 minutes. So amazing.
Twin Royal fans
 Got these two pictures while in LA (Royal babies)

Friday I was up and at it again. Going to East LA to finish up work. Then I headed home. It was a quick trip, but good to get out of town for a night.

Saturday we ran a few errands to get the girls headphones for the game, highchair/cart covers, baby food and a few other things we really needed for the girls. Then it was off to the tailgate in 95 degree weather. So hot. Luckily, we have amazing friends who let us use their RV to put lotion on the girls, keep them cool and hang out. We went to the game and the girls did so good. They didn't fuss, ate before the game started and watched the game in everyone's arms (family and friends). Huge change from last week.
Nevada Wolf Pack baby fans

The girls even started drinking water out of the water bottles. Big day for them. The Pack lost and it wasn't the best game, but at least our ladies had a great time. Next game is October 3rd vs. UNLV (our biggest rival).

Sunday was a lazy day. We had brunch, I went grocery shopping, we did chores around the house, watched football and ended the day with massages (birthday present).

The girls didn't sleep too well last night, or I should say Avery didn't. So we are really tired, trying to figure out how to get her to sleep through the night again and give us more energy. Coffee is my soulmate today. Give me an IV full please. Any suggestions on getting them to sleep through the night again? 9 month growth spurt? Needing larger bottle at night? I NEED SLEEP!

We have a pretty chill week ahead which means lots of home cooking and staying indoors due to all the smoke from the California fires (so sad). Let's just hope it clears by end of week for our NICU bbq. I can't wait to see the girls' NICU nurses and catch up with everyone.

How was your weekend?


  1. The picture from the game is awesome! The girls look so relaxed and the headphones are awesome. So sorry Avery isn't sleeping well. Emmy has been that way too these past few days. I think it's teeth or a growth spurt. ugh! Fingers crossed both our babies get back to normal. :)

    1. Yes please. I need my sleep, you need your sleep, we all need our sleep. For our sanity. The girls are growing a ton (or it seems like it), so I am hoping this sleeplessness passes.

  2. What a fun weekend! Glad your trip went well. The girls did an awesome job making it through the game. Good for them!! Do you think the sleeping thing might have to do with teething? Our little guy has been having major teething pain which makes sleep hard. Do they have runny noses? I don't know how you do it with two! You are amazing :)

    1. I always think it is teething and no teeth have popped up yet. I think Sutton is closer on her teeth popping up, but it is Avery who doesn't like sleeping much. They don't have runny noses, but they have lots of drool. She also hasn't been napping that much the last week or so. Ugh. And thank you. It is hard raising twins, but so worth it. And lots of fun at times!