Tuesday, September 1, 2015

I Have a Secret...

I often get asked if our twins are identical. I always reply yes without missing a step, but in the back of my mind, I have always wondered, are they really identical?

When we first found out we were having twins, there wasn't a way of telling whether or not they were (around 8 or so weeks). Then around 11 weeks, we had an ultrasound that showed a very small membrane between the girls amniotic sacks. My perinatal doctor declared they were identical. We continued to monitor this line which gets harder to see and define as the twins get bigger.

We were also monitored for twin to twin syndrome which happens in identical twins where they share a placenta (fused or not) and one takes more fluid and nutrients than the other. Our girls started off great, but over time, one had more than the other. As long as it was 20% or less difference, we were ok. And luckily at the time of delivery (or close to) they were at a 11% difference.

We would always ask the perinatal doctor if they were in fact identical and he said more than likely, but we wouldn't know until they were born. So we went with it.

Then I had the babies and I had every intention on keeping the placenta to have it dried out and put into capsules to take daily. Gross, I know, but so good for a postpartum woman. Helps stabilize the hormones. Then labor and choas happened. My placenta broke inside of me (part was still attached to my uterus wall) and caused major hemorrhaging. Enough to give me a transfusion.

My husband asked if we could keep it, but the surgeon said it had to go to pathology to be tested since it broke. She said we could find out if the girls were identical or not (the full proof way) once the results came in.

Well we waited until my 2 week postpartum appointment, but the results were not ready yet. Then came the 8 week appointment and I forgot about it. I always just assumed they were. Finally, last week, I got access to all my medical reports and labs (I know so late).

And the final word is: they are diamniotic monochorionic twins or IDENTICAL TWINS

They came from one egg that split around 5 to 8 days, were in separate sacks, but shared a placenta.

So there we have it. Now I can confidently say our girls are identical.

What do you all think? Do they look identical? Who is on the left? Who is on the right?


  1. And absolutely adorable identical twins they are!! So scary about your placenta breaking during birth. Did they say what caused that? Bummer about not getting the capsules though since that's what you wanted.

    1. They said my placenta probably attached to my uterus in areas it wasn't supposed to, so as I got further along in pregnancy it was "wearing down" and caused me to go into labor (that and not enough room in there) and then it broke off because I they had to deliver it. But I am very happy to know that my girls are identical!!!