Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Weekend Update and Randomness

Sorry for the lack of blogging yesterday.  I was too busy getting my Green Monday shopping on (?).  I didn't even know about Green Monday shopping day (or whatever it was called) until perusing around on amazon looking for stocking stuffers.  Then I went into panic mode and tried to figure out what to get everyone so I could get the second best deals of the month (next to Cyber Monday).  I managed to get my mom and sister something and even a little cardigan wrap for myself (oops).  I (we, as in my husband and I) still have a bunch of online shopping to do and he gets nagged about it daily because this hugely pregnant girl wants to avoid actual stores if possible (which it isn't sadly).  But we are well on our way to getting most of our shopping done.  Phew.  That was long winded.

We did a lot this weekend and of course I only have two photos to show for it.  Boo.  But these two are quite funny and mostly the same.

These were my feet Friday evening.  I got the biggest laugh out of this sight and showed everyone and anyone I could the next day at my friend's birthday party.  Can we say cankles big time?!  Don't worry, they don't always swell like this and my OB saw them a few hours before and didn't seemed concerned.

My OB appointment went well even though I waited for an hour and a half to be seen.  Ouch.  Not sure I am liking their new office.  I never waited more than 20 minutes before the move.  The bad news: I gained about 7 to 8 pounds in a month (yikes to all that amazing holiday food).  The good news: my doctor said it was fine since the babies are gaining weight like crazy right now.  I am measuring around 35 or so weeks now, but I am just about 30 weeks now.  Plus we got a better idea on when we will deliver.  And it all depends on my appointment this afternoon with my perinatal for our growth scan.  Hopefully my little girls are chunking up and packing on the holiday weight too.

Friday I also got my hair done and it feels even more amazing getting your hair done while being pregnant.  Awe back to blonde.  Plus she can hold the hair dryer and do wonders to my hair as my hands can barely hold the blow dryer on a daily basis.

Saturday we went to our child birthing class.  It was an all day class, but it went super fast.  We learned a lot about labor, delivery, where we would do everything, our options and figured out our plan (birthing preferences).  I can't wait to meet our girls, but boy am I scared about the whole laboring process.

Saturday night we went to my friends birthday dinner and then out for drinks.  Well dessert for me, drinks for everyone else.  It was so good seeing my friends and showing off the huge bump for those that haven't seen it in awhile.

Sunday I was pretty lazy around the house.  But I did manage to vacuum, do some of the girls laundry, grocery shop, decorate the Christmas tree (it has been up with lights, but no decorations), clean house a bit and watch the awful Niners lose to the Raiders.  Ugh, Niners season is over.  So sucky/crappy/awful/bad/anyothertermassociatedwithsucking.

Oh and I managed to prep our holiday food for our day at the office on Monday.  Every December, we sign up for a day and bring in breakfast food.  My husband and I made, 2 pounds bacon, french toast bake (that wasn't all gooey and gross, but amazing), juice and cookies.  I called it a win with how much I can actually move around lately.

Today brings a pernatal appointment where we get to see the girls and a day to pick up our new Digital SLR camera.  I can't wait.  Can you believe Christmas is in 15/16 days? 

How was your weekend?

Oh and one last photo from the last home Nevada Wolf Pack game.
Best tailgate crew.  My husband and I are on the far left front row.


  1. Sounds like you had a great weekend! Those pictures of your feet are too funny :)

    1. I know, right? I didn't think they would ever look like that. But at least I get a big laugh every time I look at that photo.

  2. Replies
    1. Part of being pregnant. I think the carpal tunnel is worse. The feet are just funny :)