Friday, December 12, 2014

Another Set of Christmas Gifts for Her

Another Friday has come and I couldn't be more excited.  That means I can relax, kick my feet up (which I desperately need to do) and be lazy all weekend.  Ok not so much lazy, but not sitting in a desk with shoes on that are swelling my feet by the second.

Since I am so scattered brained today, we are going to kill two birds with one stone on this lovely Oh Hey Friday link up.  My in-laws and extended family want to know what this pregnant gal wants for Christmas this year.  This is hard as I have said before because clothes are really out of the question because I can't wear all the cute stuff I want to buy until after I have these babies and who knows what my body will look like then.  So I sit here, surf the net and try to figure out some options that don't cost what I gave my husband as ideas.

One.  Gift Cards.  Once I am able to fit in normal-ish clothes, I will want to go shopping again.  I want to be able wear jeans that don't have that lovely stretchy fabric that covers your belly.  I am talking my low rise, Big Star jeans that I covet so much.  Plus shoes that don't make my feet swell.  And cute tops that flatter my new figure.  Oh how I miss my pre-pregnancy wardrobe.  So gift cards are awesome.  J Crew, Zara, Buckle, Nordstrom, Anthropologie, Sephora, etc.

Two.  Leather clutch handbag.  Similar to the GiGi New York All in One Bag
Three.  Infinity or Blanket Scarf.  Similar to these.

Four. Weekend Bag.  I really need a weekend bag (especially for our delivery coming up) as mine were stolen a few years ago when our house was broken into.  I never replaced mine and now seems like the perfect time.  Here are a few I really like.

Five.   I am stumped, so we are just going with 4 items.  Any suggestions that you all have?  I need to send some of this info onto my in-laws and family.

I hope you all have a good weekend.  I am going to be laid up for the rest of the day (once I am off of work) and nursing these swollen feet.  And then we are off to see Daniel Tosh tomorrow night and I.CAN.NOT.WAIT.  What do you have in store for this weekend?


  1. I'm a big fan of that clutch. I tend to veer away from gift cards unless I wrap them creatively otherwise I feel like I slacked!

    1. I agree with the gift cards, but when you are pregnant, sometimes it is harder for people to get you your normal "wish list" items. That clutch though, ugh I die. I need a new one.

  2. Love all your picks, lady! That clutch is beautiful!

    1. I love it too. Now I just need to get one. I hope there is a sale after Christmas if I don't see one under the tree. Must have that clutch.