Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Rip That Hair Out

It is Tuesday and I am posting again.  Gasp.  I haven't been consistent in posting at all lately, but I am trying to up my game and get back on the posting wagon.  Today is a real treat because I need some advice on something.  Waxing.

Being pregnant has had its being shaving your nether regions.  Sure you can do a botched job and possibly cut yourself.  But I figured it was time to start waxing.  I have had a wax before down there, but it has been many years.  And the only thing I remember is tears, pain and some bleeding.  Plus I used to wax my eyebrows, but they aren't as high maintenance as they used to be.  I can get away with tweezing a few here and there and I am done.

So I decided that waxing would be a good thing on this pregnancy adventure.  I researched a bit and everywhere said it was fine to get a wax during pregnancy, but it may hurt more.  Cue the cringing.  Also, cue the uncomfortableness.  Since I haven't waxed in gods knows how long, growing this hair out is a pain.  It itches and is so ugly.  I am literally counting down the days until it is finally gone.

But I am still scared out of my mind that it is going to hurt, bleed and basically be a scene out of the 40 Year Old Virgin.

So I have a few questions to any of you ladies who have been pregnant and gotten a wax, who are waxing veterans or anyone who just wants to put their input in:

1.  Do I have to let my hair grow out this long every single time before a wax? (remember it has been years since I got a bikini wax)
2.  Is there anything I can do to brace myself before this awful wax with my big ass belly in the way?
3.  Pregnancy safe topical for the after care?
4.  What kind of waxes have you done?  Bikini, extended (French) bikini, Brazillian, etc.  
5.  Tips, tricks, advice?

I made an appointment for Thursday with the best (according to Yelp) waxer in the Reno area.  They say she is gentle and amazing.  I don't know how gentle one can be when they are ripping the hair out of your hoohaw.  Here is to hoping I can get this area cleaned up.  And no, I won't be partaking in the Brazilian wax.  I don't think this pregnant woman can handle that at this moment.  A more in depth or French Bikini is more up my alley.  Accompanied by screams like Steve Carell in 40 Year Old Virgin.

Did you wax during your pregnancy?  Was it worth it?  Any horror stories?  Success stories?  Words of advice? 

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