Monday, November 24, 2014

A Wolf Pack Loss, but We Still Got Our Cake (Popcorn)

I am really sad that the weekend is over, but really excited that today is my Thursday since we took Wednesday off.  Oh I love holiday weeks.  I am super excited about this weeks events, but I thought I would recap this weekend first.

Friday after work I ran errands and wore myself out.  Boo to thinking I could handle the errands only to barely be able to get out of my car once I got home.  Luckily my husband gave me a foot rub and took care of the chores around the house.

But one one of my errands, I went to a local store called Sippies and about died when I saw their tutu bar and the bathing suits.  I needed these two bathing suits for the girls, but I don't know how big they will be come swim suit season, so I refrained.  FOR NOW!  But check these out, aren't they the cutest?

And this tutu bar...Oh the girls will have some tutus very soon.

Friday night was a mini date night where we had some yummy Taiwanese food and went to the IMAX theater (for the first time) and watched Dumb and Dumber Too.  We thought it was good, but not great.  If you liked the first movie, then you will like the second movie.  Go in with expectations that it will be like the first movie in the sense of comedy, lines and stories.  We enjoyed it and we really enjoyed our lazy boy style seats.  Makes it so much easier for this pregnant girl to relax.

Saturday morning was a lazy morning.  My husband ran to the local bakery while I made lattes at home.  We had a fire burning and it was raining outside.  Perfect little Saturday morning. 

But in the middle of it all, I made some yummy popcorn for the tailgate.  This was a new recipe for me, but it sounded great and would end our chili cook-off just right.  Plus we may have snacked on some while making it.

Then I had a surprise visitor.  My dear friend Nathalie came over to give the girls and myself her shower gift.  The girls received some cute socks, the cutest 6 month old outfits and two heart receiving blankets.  She sure did spoil them.  And she also brought this momma a gift.  What was it?
This was after opening.  I can't share the contents yet just in case other bridesmaids haven't gotten their boxes yet.  But let me just say, I am super honored to be a bridesmaid after Nathalie was my Maid of Honor.  I can't wait to celebrate Nick and Nathalie's wedding come August 2015!

That evening we went to the tailgate for a chili cook-off and the last tailgate/game of the season.  Spoiler alert....Nevada Wolf Pack lost in a really horrible game.  It was ugly, my husband was pissed off and it was really cold.
Prior to the game and a 27 1/2 week bump picture
At the tailgate.  Also used for our Fans of the Game photo (too bad we lost that game)

Sunday was spent recovering from the game.  Me not my husband.  I felt like a train hit me and I sat most of the tailgate and game, but it really took it out of me.  I watched football while my husband helped his parents move furniture, took a nap during the Niners half time game and had a hard time staying up last night.  But the good news is, we got some more registry items from Babies R Us due to a mini black Friday deal going on and we are saving the rest (which isn't that much) for Cyber Monday.  Please oh please have some deals on carseats and bases.  

And that ends our weekend.  I am looking forward to our hospital tour this evening, our last fluid Perinatal check tomorrow (then only once a month after that), working on the nursery Wednesday, Thanksgiving, then Christmas tree cutting Friday and the last Wolf Pack game (vs. UNLV) Saturday along with a family dinner that night.  Lots of good things to come this week.

What do you have in store for this week?


  1. Oh my goodness, those little bathing suits are too adorable!!! Also, that popcorn sounds insanely delicious - yum!

    1. You should try the popcorn. It takes about 10 minutes to make, is a bit messy to make, but so worth it. Great for holiday parties or to indulge in by yourself. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. When you said Wolfpack, I was thinking of NC State! I got super excited for a second! You look great!

    1. That often does happen. We do get mixed up sometimes. But I am talking about the University of Nevada (Nevada) not NC State :)