Friday, November 28, 2014

28 Weeks

Another week has flown by and now we are into our 28th week of pregnancy.  Wow.  We are officially in the third trimester and nesting mode has fully kicked in.  Bring on the holidays (the last ones without the twins being here other than in mommy's belly), food and family time!
Two little turkeys in my belly on Thanksgiving

So where are these babies at?

How far along: 28 weeks, 2 days

Babies are the size of a: Eggplant

Babies are: Getting fatter and fatter.  I am sure they are measuring around 2 1/2 to 3 pounds by now (we don't have another growth scan for 2 weeks) and are around 14 to 15 inches long.
The girls can blink their eyes and are sporting some eyelashes (hopefully like their daddy because he has super long lashes).  Their eyesight is increasing all the time which means they may be able to see the light that filters through my belly.  They are still developing their brains at a rapid rate (and showing brain activity with dreaming) and adding on the fat (big time) to get nice and plump for the outside world.

Maternity Clothes: Yes and some non-maternity stuff.  I just buy a size up (usually up to medium) and rock those sweaters.  I did a bit of shopping at Old Navy this weekend and scored some active leggings (which I intend to use as normal leggings for work) and two sweaters for $35.  The sweaters were only $10 each.  Killer deal and didn't break the bank.

Stretch Marks: I have one, but it isn't as noticeable right now.  I freaked out because my sweater left a huge mark on my belly and I thought I got a big stretch mark there, but nope, it was just an indention.  But I do have that dark line that runs from the belly button down now.

Sleep: Ehh.  I have been having some carpal tunnel issues in my left hand so sleep has been a big issue this week.  So much that I cried in the shower yesterday morning because I am so tired and my hand won't stop tingling.  But I caved and bought a wrist guard yesterday.  Good news is, I woke up twice last night and slept a ton.  Not enough to catch up on my sleep, but we are working on it.
Symptoms: Carpal tunnel, backaches, swollen feet, tired, nasal congestion lack of sleep.

Best Moment of the Week: Seeing the babies on the ultrasound as always.  Plus we have so much family time this week that my heart is bursting at the seams.

Movement: Oh these babies are moving ALL.THE.TIME.  I feel kicks on my bladder and into my ribs so many times per hour.  They are really dancing in there.

Cravings: Pasta, pizza, sushi and sweets.  Same as usual.

Gender: Two precious baby girls.

Belly Button In or Out: Out.

Wedding Ring on or Off: On, but they have been moved to my right hand as my left hand is experiencing carpal tunnel so it is often too swollen to take the rings off my left hand.

Anything Making You Queasy or Sick: Nothing right now.

What I Miss: Working out and being able to move easily.  I feel like I need to roll off the couch, have help out of the car and struggle to get out of bed due to my belly getting bigger and bigger.

What I am Looking Forward to: Everything this week has to offer.  Baby appointments, family time, Thanksgiving, food, Christmas tree cutting, hospital tour, working on the nursery and meeting these girls in a few short months!

Labor:  Thankfully nothing yet and hopefully nothing until around 36 weeks (my personal goal) or later.

Nursery: It looks like a total mess, but I am sorting through things today, putting stuff up, doing laundry and in full on nesting mode.  I can't wait to share the nursery with you all.

Emotions: Feeling pretty good.  My heart is bursting at the seams with all the love and family time this week!

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

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