Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Usual Weekend Update

So as promised, I am a little more focused today which means I can tell you my good news.  I sold my car.  I put it up on Craigslist (so not cut out for wheeling and dealing on here) on Wednesday and my car was sold by Saturday.  There was a bit of drama due to some douche trying to tell me I was setting off all these red flags for him on the purchase, but after kicking him to the curb, my was sold to a young couple with a family.  And they paid in CASH!  I may have or may not have thought (yes only thought) about making it rain.  I was only rolling deep in benjamin's for a day or two.  Into the bank my fun went.
I will admit, I am sad because I had that car for almost eight years and took such great care of it.  I even paid a $500 deductible to get the entire front end painted, a new grill, new headlights, new windshield and new mirrors.  In Nevada you can put in a non-liability insurance claim and get damage that was done by nature (ie driving 40 minutes to and from work daily) fixed.  So needless to say, I a bit heartbroken.  Especially because I don't have a car at the moment (we have R's truck) and I have to borrow my dads monster gigantic truck.  Thanks Dad!  It's just my dad's truck is such a pain to park, find a parking spot big enough and did I mention it is HUGE!
My sweet car right before she was listed.

So basically R had to take me everywhere on Sunday since I didn't get my dad's truck until Monday.  Que lots of errands including Costco, Whole Foods and the dreaded mall.  But hey R did get some items for Mexico too.  As promised, R did take me to get a new bikini and I may have also got two skirts and a pair of shorts.  You know because I needed them for Mexico and everything in my closet wouldn't be enough.  It's believable if you have never been to my house.
 New Victoria Secret Bandeau Bikini
Francesca's White Crochet Shorts
Left: H&M shin length soft skirt Right: Francesca's hot pink bow skirt

I could have shopped more, but my wallet would already hate me more than it does.  So hopefully my last year's summer clothes will do.  Oh and I got my nails done in a vacation-y theme.
Bright Pink/Orange with a Blue accent nail

Can you tell I only have two things on my mind right now?  Vacation and my dearly departed car.
How was your weekend?  P.S. only 5 days until Mexico.
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  1. I love that bathing suit and those shorts. I can't go into Francesca's because I always want to buy so many things!

    1. I have a problem at Francesca's too. And they have all the new spring/summer stuff coming out. I could have bought a few more things, but held back. Or maybe it was because my husband was with me and was giving me the eye, haha. But I did manage to get buy one, get one half off. So I would call it a win there!