Monday, October 21, 2013

What Happened to my Weekend?

My weekend flew by in a hurry.  So sad as I really wanted to sleep in and catch up on my lack of rest from the work week.  I am still dreaming about my honeymoon and wishing I was back there.

I worked my normal half day Friday, ran a few errands which included a trip to Michaels for post wedding supplies and Halloween decorations.  I literally spent 2 hours in there because I wanted to craft out of my mind (yes I made that up) and I couldn't narrow down my shopping cart (spent too much money on the wedding and honeymoon).

I ended up buying a shadow box for my wedding stuff, some letters and paint for the shadow box, spider web, a cute spider (is there any?), glue dots and paint brushes.  I failed to complete my shadow box this weekend, but I did put up the spider web and spider outside.  I also picked my pumpkin I am going to spice up (DIY coming later).

I managed to go through all my wedding stuff, throw stuff away, organize the rest, store what I won't need and put together a test run on my shadow box.  I am in love.  Such a easy project and I think it will look amazing.

I picked up my wedding dress from being preserved.  So sad to see her in a box.  I went through more professional wedding photos and started painting letters, numbers and other things for my shadow box.  Can't wait to reveal it to you all.

We watched Runner, Runner.  Critics said don't go, viewers said go.  I liked it.  I wouldn't see it in the movies, but I would watch it on DVD.

Saturday we went golfing at Washoe Golf Course where I failed miserably.  How can I go from an awesome two performances in Kauai and fail here in Reno?  Maybe I should go back to Kauai, ha.  But really, I think I just cared too much and kept coming up while swinging.  Next time right?  That evening we watched the Nevada Wolf Pack football team lose to Boise State.  Ugh such a sad performance in the second half.  But I got to see my lovely ladies, Stacey and Heather, so it was a good night all in all.

Sunday we errands, cleaning and dinner with my in-laws.  Easy Sunday.  We had amazing dinner and we were able to show off our pro pics and I loved looking at them over and over again.

So this week, I must finish my shadow box, prep for my liver to be hurting after the Pack vs. Rebels game and head to Sacramento for a much needed furniture and household items hunt.

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