Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wedding Cake, Oh so Good!

My lovely friend Stacey from It's not you, it's me, wrote a post yesterday about not being a cake person.  Her post inspired me to write why I love cake, specifically my wedding cake.

I have always been a cake person whether it is cake or a cupcake.  I am more partial to vanilla cake than chocolate cake (I know what is wrong with me?)...always have and always will.  But the best cake is funfetti.  No I didn't have a wedding cake with a funfetti tier.  Why we didn't, I will never know.

So without further ado, here is my amazingly delicious wedding cake.
I still dream about this cake.  We went to two vendors for cake tasting in South Lake Tahoe, California.  We went to Sugar Pine Cakes and Flour Girl Wedding Cakes.  Flour Girl won us over immediately.  Not only did she have about 10 different cake flavors to try, but different fillings (fruits, custards and creams) and frostings.  Plus it smelt heavenly in her bake shop.  Rory isn't a big cake fan and he loved her cakes, so we were sold.

We got a three tiered round cake with an additional sheet cake to store in the kitchen of our venue.  The bottom layer was my favorite, vanilla bean cake with fresh strawberries and Bavarian cream.  The middle tier was lemon cake with lemon curd and cream cheese.  The top tier was spice cake with apricots and preserves with cream cheese.  Our sheet cake was red velvet cake (with a hint of almond) with fresh raspberries and chocolate mousse.  My frosting was a very light buttercream.  Just perfect as I am not a huge fan of gobs of frosting on my cakes.  My mouth is watering right now.

This wasn't exactly our design of our cake as the order and cake sheet were opposites, but the cake turned out beautifully.

Oh what about that cake topper....I made that.  I had such a hard time with an Etsy seller (she took my money and ran with no topper in return) that I thought it can't be too hard to make.  And it wasn't.  With the help of my dad, he cut out an acrylic monogram B that I designed (similar to many online).  Then I bought Swavorski crystals and glued each crystal of different sizes on the topper.  I think it is stunning.  Maybe I should make them and sell them on Etsy as it was one of my favorite DIY wedding projects.

Here is a close up of my cake topper.


  1. Your cake is beautiful! And yes, funfetti = best flavor ever!

  2. Thank you Stephanie. I wish I could have had a funfetti cake.

  3. Yeah, I feel that wedding cake should be very unique in taste as well as looks. When I got married at one of local Chicago wedding venues my planner showed various designs for cakes and we selected a cute cake matching with the wedding theme.