Tuesday, October 15, 2013


I have a serious love/hate relationship with golf.  I am starting to get better, so right now it is a love relationship.  The hubby and I played twice in Kauai, as one evidenced in my previous post, Honeymoon Part 1.  But the thing that really helped was our good ole iPhones.  Yes you read that right, iPhones.

It wasn't that crowded, so it allowed us to take subsequent photos really fast of each other during our swing and videos.  This helped my husband correct his crazy fast tee shots that seem to fly anyway but straight.  Sorry babe, but it was true.  He just needed to slow down his back swing and forward swing.  Plus his hips were already turned to the front when he hadn't even begun to swing forward.  Problem solved.  He corrected it the next time and it was straight on.  It may have not traveled as far since it was slowed down, but practice can help that.

My biggest issue...keeping my head down looking at the ball.  I always want to see where it goes.  It is harder said than done...believe me, but when I get it, I get it.  So here's to more rounds before it starts to snow and I break out my snowboard.

Anyone get a Mount Rose pass?  I did, but it is still sealed in its envelope waiting for me to finish my golf season.  Ahhh, I want to be golfing instead of at work.

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