Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Wedding Explosion

My house is covered in wedding items galore.  Lately I have taken up the dinner table for crafting projects, I have a room filled with wedding stuff, and I am constantly trying to put wedding stuff anywhere I can.  And that is because my wedding is in 11 days.  Awww I am so excited and nervous at the same time.  Super excited to be marrying my best friend, but nervous to have all eyes on me.

But back to the wedding explosion in my house.  I have been crafting my seating chart.  I have agonized over and over again on this project.  I have looked at Pinterest too many times at inspiration photos.  I love so many designs, but frankly, it will be thrown out after the wedding and I am over budget on said wedding, so I needed a easy DIY idea.  So I let my Pinterest inspiration work itself into a easier DIY project for cheap.  I used Michaels and Joann's Fabric coupons and I made my seating chart for $6.  Yes you read that right and I am so proud of my final product.

Here she is:

In hindsight, I should have taken photos as I did my project, but I wasn't sure if it would turn out and that I would even use it.  First I bought white foam board from the dollar store.  Then I ventured to Joann's Fabric to buy more lace.  I bought lace for the table numbers, so I went back, but this time for silver/gray lace.  Then I bought cute thick alphabet stickers from Michaels.  I had ribbon on hand from another project.  The card stock came from my nail girl as they just opened their own salon a few months ago and had extra that she gave to me.

So I started with the foam board and glued the lace on both sides.  I let it dry and glued the back side.  Once that was dry, I cut the leftover lace around the edges.  Then I used word and created my actual table numbers with names, printed them on the free card stock, and cut them.  I used a paper cutter as I can't cut straight for the life of me.  I glued those on and then needed to add the stickers.  Rory loved it, but said it needed some more color, hence the navy ribbon.  And there you have it.  Our lovely seating chart for $6.  So proud.

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