Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Boring, I think not

So I am still coming down from my "wedding high".  I am constantly looking over my wedding photos and videos people have sent me, no I don't have any pro-pics yet.  I was finally able to go on other wedding websites and check them out again.  I know that sounds weird, but I think after you get married, you want to live your wedding over and over and you don't want other weddings messing with your head.  I loved my wedding.  Best day of my life times a billion, but I am sad it is over.  So that leaves me to shop, look up recipes, DIY home projects instead of DIY wedding projects, hike (if the stupid smoke would leave Reno) and travel a bit.  My life, boring, I think NOT!

I can't wait to go to LA this weekend for the Nevada vs. UCLA game, seeing my good friend Anthony (who came to my wedding, but I saw for a micro-second) and SHOP.  I haven't shopped for myself in what seems like forever.  I had wedding stuff to buy, yo.  But I thought I should kick it off early and buy something off a new site I am obsessing over.  It is like Whiskey Militia, The Clymb, Steep and Cheap, but only better for us ladies.  Sure I love the gear from the other sites, but this one is my favorite.  It is called Very Jane.  Today I bought two things....I could buy a ton more, but my pocket book and husband wouldn't like me very much.

The cardigan (in teal) was only $19.99, normally $39.99 and the bracelet (the coral and teal one) was $7.99, normally $16.99.  There were two items I wanted this morning, but they were already sold out.  Stuff sells fast, but I make do.

This weekend I can't wait to shop the LA scene.  I can see new fall skirts, boots, jeans and sweaters in my future.  And it is payday Friday this week.  Life is pretty good.

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