Thursday, August 1, 2013

It's My Birthday and I Will Cry If I Want To!!

Today is my last day of my 20s.  Que the crying.  I have been mentally preparing myself for this day for several months now.  I feel like I want to cry, but I probably won't.  I have friends who are already in their 30s (ugh pangs me to say I will be in my 30s) and some who are still in their lovely mid twenties.  My high school friends are all (99% of them) in their 30s now.  I get that.  I hated being one of the youngest kids in school because I got my driver's license last and turned 18 last.  But after finishing high school, I realized it was more awesome that I was the youngest because I would turn the dreaded ages last.  Hence turning 30 last.  But then I made lots of other friends, and I have a lovely bunch of girl friends who are still 26 - 28.  Ugh I want to be 26 again, ok not really, but my head says I do.

But then I got engaged, started planning my wedding, and bam it is almost here.  So the silver lining here is, I turn 30 tomorrow, but I will be getting married in 15 days from tomorrow.  I have a feeling 30 is going to be my best year yet.  Maybe babies in my future, God willing.  Plus I have been on a shopping hiatus for what seems like FOREVER, and I think I deserve a little birthday sumthing, sumthing.  Oh and hopefully that future hubby of mine, gets me something super awesome.

So on my last night of my 20s, I will probably be a boring old lady and go to the gym, eat something healthy (I gotta fit in my wedding dress yo) and indulge in a little LOT of wine.

Happy Birthday to ME!


  1. I feel your pain. I am one of the first to turn the dreaded 30 of my classmates. I am not looking forward to it...except maybe a proposal will make it more fun! :-)

  2. Do you think you will get a proposal for your birthday? That is very exciting! I had an amazing birthday, and it isn't bad being 30, but I don't like to say I am 30 or that I am in my 30s. Haha.