Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Yes to the Dress

On March 9th, I went wedding dress shopping with three of my bridesmaids, my mother, my future mother-in-law and two amazing friends.  We went to a local shop, Swoon.  I have been dreaming about this day forever...since I was a little girl.  This was definitely been one of the best moments of planning a wedding.

Swoon was having a sample sale, and I couldn't pass it up.  I came in with an open mind, though I had ideas of what I would like to try on.  I have watched my fair share of Say Yes To The Dress, and knew that I should be open minded because I may not know what looks best on my body.  I along with my consultant picked out 6 dresses.  The first was gorgeous and the most beautiful top, but the bottom was way too big to dance in, walk down the aisle in, or do anything in, well at least for me.  The second dress was lace and beautiful.  I loved it, other than it need to have alterations for a more dramatic sweetheart neckline.  The third dress was all of the things I wanted in a dress, but simple.  Ok, let's "jack me up".  That did it.  I cried.  I told myself if I cried I knew it had to be the one, but I still wanted to try more dresses on.  The forth dress was very similar to the third dress just a different bottom which was too plain jane for me.  The fifth dress was a blush color with a line down the center of it.  Though it was beautiful and I could have gotten it in white or ivory, it was not me.  The sixth dress was one the consultant picked out and it just wasn't me.

I went back to the third dress, tried it on again, and added a sash and necklace.  Wow.  My future father-in-law told me I looked stunning in it.  He only saw a picture for a brief second.  I cried once again and knew this was my dress.  Now my mom wanted me to try on veils which I did, but didn't think I wanted one.  Then I tried on three different ones and I loved them.  Like it completes the look.  I did try on a floor length one with a train, and I hated it.  The consultant asked me to describe myself in it, in one word.  I came up with virginal.  The look on my mothers and mother-in-laws face was priceless.  I explained that I look like a 16 year old bride from the olden days and it just wasn't me.  I didn't buy a veil yet, but plan to.

My mom and dad bought me my dress and all of my accessories.  So blessed.  I can't show you my dress because my fiance checks on here every so often.

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