Tuesday, April 9, 2013


So I haven't posted in a long time as I GOT ENGAGED!  And it seems like everything wedding has consumed me, and I love it.  Now don't get me wrong, I do miss reading, my daily celeb gossip and trying out new recipes, but this is what I have been waiting for.  I have dreamed about getting married since I was a little girl, and now it all becomes a reality.

I am definitely a Type A personality, so it comes to no surprise that I have a lot of the details planned out before even getting engaged.  I may have created a pinterest board for my future wedding.  Don't judge.  But seriously, I love following bridal blogs, forums and anything pinterest wedding related.

I am so excited about the next several months of planning because we are getting married this August.  I don't think I could have waited and planned for over a year.  I am just too excited for the marriage and what comes after that....BABIES!

So here is my proposal story.

On Wednesday March 6, 2013, it was like any other day.  We went to work and had a Nevada Wolf Pack basketball game that evening.  The last home game of the season.  Rory and I did not drive together, as he had a haircut and other errands before going to the game.  Little did I know, when Rory got to the game, he had shown a picture of the engagement ring to his parents, surprising them.  I arrived to the game just as it had started, not knowing anything that just had happened.  The Pack lost the game and it was a horrible ending to a not so great season.

We drove home, seperately, and I got caught at several lights, which ended up being ideal for Rory.  I got home and went about usual business...mostly playing with Walter.  After 15 minutes, I started to wonder where Rory was.  Walter and I looked around the house and didn't find him.  I went into the kitchen and saw the door to the garage was cracked open and the lights were off.  This was a bit alarming since we had a break in a few years back. 

I slowly opened the door to find Rory on one knee with a ring box open in the dark.  The only lighting was from the hallway behind me and the LED light shining on the ring.  I was surprised.  He said, "Danielle Kira Cook, will you marry me?"  The only thing I could say was, "Is this really happening?"  I was so stunned and excited that I almost forgot to answer him.  I said YES! 

It was surprising, romantic and perfect.  

And the ring...WOW! Take a look for yourself. 

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