Thursday, April 11, 2013

Choosing Our Wedding Colors and Theme

I am on the wedding kick and really wanted to document planning my wedding, so I can look back on the adventure and hope that it helps my friends out when they plan their wedding.

I read wedding blogs, forums and inspiration sites on a daily basis, and all of them basically state that I need a wedding theme to have some sort of cohesiveness in my big day.  I thought about certain aspects that I wanted and tried to come up with a theme, but it wasn't until I met with my florist that I really picked out our wedding theme.

Let me back track just a bit.  Both the fiance and I went to the University of Nevada, Reno.  Go Pack!  When it came to deciding our wedding colors, I searched pinterest for wedding color inspiration.  Wow, major overload.  I narrowed it down to my favorites: gray and pink or navy (and the guys would wear black suits).  I asked FH (future husband) which he liked.  He liked them both, but thought black suits would get hot having the ceremony outside in August where daily temperatures could easily reach the high 90s.  Ok he had a point.  We compromised with navy and gray.  But those are our college colors and since the FH and I are such big fans, we didn't want to get grief for it.  After some thinking, we didn't care what people thought, it is our wedding.  So navy and gray/silver it was.

Next was my meeting with the florist.  I went by myself since the FH wasn't picky on flowers and said I could choose what I wanted.  It was overwhelming and I wasn't prepared enough.  I had pinned tons of photos and I knew I wanted peonies, lilies and roses.  But alas, peonies are spring flowers and cost a fortune to get for the summer months.  I was super bummed.  We worked through ideas and I had a vision set since peonies wouldn't work.  I chose hydrangeas (in place of peonies), but after coming home that night and researching what my florist said, being that they wilt fast out of water, I knew I had to change it.  And did I mention getting blue flowers is harder than it looks.

Basically I will have pinks and whites in my bouquet with silver and blue ribbon and lots of crystals.  My bridesmaids will have dyed blue roses (see got some in there) with other flowers in pinks and whites.  Groomsmen will have dyed blue roses and others will have white flowers.  Trying not to give too much away since I want some surprise.

But after picking out flowers, I came to realize I love elegance and sparkle, but with simple overtones.  So there you have it.  My wedding will have simple elegance with sparkle.  So excited for everything to come together.

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