Friday, January 27, 2023

Friday Favorites and Happenings

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Happy Friday! I can't believe we are at the end of January already. To be honest, I am ok with that. January is never my favorite month. It is always a let down after the holidays and always so dreary. It has been freezing cold (in the teens to 30s each day) and/or snowing every day. Ugh. Bring on the sunshine.

Onto Friday Favorites and Happenings.

ONE. I had my second opinion nose doctor appointment on Wednesday and I wanted to share with you all what happened and how it went. Long story didn't go as planned, but I did get some advice.

I told the new doctor my nose history including my surgeries and then what happened with the septal button and the symptoms since then. He told me that the hole in my nose still has scabbing all around it and I need to use the saline rinse bottle kit and clean my nose and sinuses out even if the water just comes out of the hole. He said to keep using the antibiotic ointment inside my nose. He said he could replace the button with a new one, but under general anesthesia. He said he couldn't fix the nostril collapse and that I needed to go back to my plastic surgeon for that. He said the right side is really bad and the left side is moderately bad. He said he would need to do a CT Scan in two weeks (because my insurance, but I tried to tell him he could do it that day as my insurance is fine with it, as I have done it before same day) to see if my sinuses are still full and infected or if all my symptoms (not sleeping well, waking up 3 to 5 times a night, waking up exhausted, whistling through the nose, the scabbing, the inflammation) are due to the button coming out (what he thinks is going on).

So as I was checking out, I called my plastic surgeon and begged to get in ASAP. I am running on low battery here and want to breathe better and sleep better. Those are the most important. The sinus stuff can wait as I can manage sinus infections as they come. 

Fortunately my doctor can see me on February 1st, so a week after my appointment I just had. I hope he can replace the septal button and fix the nostrils and leave the sinuses alone. It is so risky having multiple surgeries on your nose, so I want to be careful. Plus I don't have much cartilage left. He took it from my nose on surgery number one and my right ear on number two. I don't think my left ear is a candidate as that is my ear I use for phone calls and sleep on. I think it might be the rib time. Ugh. 

Anyways, I thought I would give you all an update. Basically no real news.

TWO. My girls have been wanting cell phones and I feel like they are just too young. With social media and all the distractions, I am not ok with them having them at 8 years old. BUT I do want the capability of knowing where they are at all times, them having the ability to contact me in case of an emergency and a "learning" tool prior to the cell phone (like the pager I had).

I was talking to my cousin and she got her kids smart watches. They have very strict limitations and controls on them, but they have GPS, text and calling. There is no apps or social media on them. I thought this was a good idea and started looking into them.

I have been researching for awhile and I was going back and forth between the Gabb Watch and the TickTalk 4 Watch. I think we have settled on the Gabb watch as it is slimmer, lighter and allows what we need minus the video calling. But really, I don't need my kids video calling me or their grandparents during school or all the time. They both have setting for when they are in school that they can only call or text the emergency contacts (my husband and I). They both have unlimited plans as well. The Gabb watch is about $50 cheaper, but the plans are close to the same per month.

When I get one, are you interested in a review? Do your kids have phones? Do they have smart phones?

Gabb Watch

THREE. This is basically another PSA and it comes mostly from Lindsay, but you all need to schedule your mammograms. Some of you are not old enough for it, but if you have a family history, are old enough according to your insurance or had lumps in the past, schedule it. 

I was supposed to have mine in May 2020, and due to the pandemic, mine was pushed back. I get mine done near the hospital and it is part of the hospital, so they pushed it. And now it is almost two years later, so I finally got the push from Lindsay to schedule mine. 

Don't be like me and schedule yours.

FOUR. Weekly funnies.

Have a great weekend. I am linking up with A Little Bit of Everything.  


  1. Hugs my friend. Praying for you. Regine

  2. Sorry about the nose update. Glad you are finally going to get that mammogram. My kids had phones with only wifi service when they were younger, which wasn't helpful for when they were not near a connection!

    1. Thank you. Hopefully I get some answers tomorrow. That is my worry about only doing wifi.

  3. Yikes, this whole nose situation sounds ROUGH. I often don't sleep well (for non-nasal reasons lol), and I know the toll that takes. I hope the plastic surgeon is able to come up with a game plan! I literally got my first cell phone two weeks before graduating from high school, so I don't even know what I would do with kids in this modern world!

    1. It is so rough and I am so over it. I sure hope so too. I see him tomorrow morning. Ok so you were more like me when it comes to phones. I am stuck.

  4. Oh all that sounds horrible.. hope it all works out for you.
    I got my son his phone when he graduated elementary school (age 12) .. my 9 year old is begging for one but he is never in a situation where I would need to know his whereabouts or need to call him.

    1. Thank you. I sure hope it does as well. My girls are kind of in the same boat. Will you get your youngest one when he turns 12 or goes into middle school?

  5. Sorry you don't have full answers yet for your nose. I hope you can get it all figured out soon. Jacob is 11 and has been begging for a phone for years, but we still haven't let him get one yet. We will probably end up getting him one in the next year or two, though, because I want to be able to get in touch with him once he's off with friends a lot. He won't be allowed to have any social media for a LONG time, though. Nothing good comes from middle-schoolers on social media... all of his teachers have told me to hold off with that for as long as possible. And yay for your mammogram! I'm so glad you got it scheduled! Praying everything goes well!

    1. Nothing good comes from it at all. I am so scared of my kids having social media. Kids are mean. I don't want the phone for my kids for a long time, but this watch may help ease my worry and track them. Ha. Thank you for the push!