Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Another Birthday Celebration

On Sunday we celebrated my dads birthday and my birthday. Our birthdays are 4 days apart. I always tell him that I was his best birthday present 39 years ago.

We went to dinner with my parents, my sister, my brother-in-law and nephew. And we went to Itchiban's which is a teppanyaki style dinner. If you don't know what that is, then let me explain. Basically chefs cook in front of you on a large griddle. You get things like meats (steaks, shrimp, lobster, chicken, calamari, etc.), veggies, and fried rice. We go about once a year usually for mine and my dads birthday and it is always the best. And we had our own table this time!

Now basically a photo dump with some commentary! Enjoy!

Cucumber and crab salad

We had the best chef. He was funny, interacted with the kids, let them help him and just had the best attitude.

Some of my lobster!

I dream of this fried rice and was thankful for some leftovers!

Cooking up the steak and chicken.

He let the girls add sesame seeds to the chicken. Both girls got to help him.

My birthday dessert. Green tea ice cream (3 scoops) sundae!

We were all incredibly full and had happy hearts. It was a great time with my family! Not pictured, the many videos I took, the presents we exchanged and the massive leftovers we took home.

And now my birthday celebrations are over and the countdown is on to 40. Well I am not counting down as I am wanting to savor every last second of my 30s. Ha.


  1. All of the food looks amazing, but especially the fried rice!! Man, that looks good! I love that y'all celebrate multiple times like we do!

    1. I LOVE fried rice. And the crispy edges that you get from the griddle grill. I love to celebrate a few times too. Makes it even sweeter.

  2. Thinking of you my friend.

  3. Oh what fun. So sweet about you and your daddy celebrating together.