Monday, November 15, 2021

Gift Guide: Men's Gifts

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It's time for another gift guide, and this time it is a Men's Gift Guide. I feel like men are the hardest to shop for. Either they purchase what they want all year or they just never update things. Either way, I struggle each year. Some of these gifts I have gotten for Rory and father's in the past and others are brand new. 

What does the man in your life want this year?

Men's Gift Guide

GrowlerWerks uKeg
 - If the guy in your life likes beer, this would be right up his alley. Or if he tailgates and wants to bring beer on the go, then this would be a great gift too.

Ember Mug - These have been the rage for years and I can see why. If your guy is in the office and wants to keep his coffee or tea warm, then this would be a great gift.

Olukai Ohana Flip Flop - Rory has these flip flops and loves them. They are pricey, but they last years and are very comfortable. I have them in the ladies version.

Kiehl's Men's Grooming on the Go Kit - Kiehl's makes great products and even better that they make products targeted towards men.

Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones - These headphones are pricey, but if you are looking to splurge, then these are for you. If you work from home, travel or work in the office, then these would be amazing for cancelling out all the noise around you. I know that when I was working from home, these would have been amazing for Zoom meetings and blocking out my dog barking in the background.

Solo Stove - We have friends who have this, we have gifted this item and it is always a hit. I want one. You can have a fire and it stays contained inside the stove. You can put it on grass and it won't burn your grass. It has a bunch of accessories that are great and needed, but this would be an amazing gift.

Icebreaker Sierra Touchscreen Gloves - Rory walks Walter at night and sometimes uses his phone while walking. These gloves allow you to use your phone. Plus they are fleece. So whether you use them at night or just in the Fall/Winter, these will keep your hands warm.

UGG Ascot Leather Slippers - My dad has these, Rory has these, my brother-in-law has these and everyone loves them. They last for years and are very comfortable.

Sugarfina Dark Chocolate Salted Caramels - I love Sugarfina candies and dark chocolate and salted caramel are my favorite.

Whiskey Flight with Glasses - My husband loves bourbon and whiskey. He drinks out of glasses like this that I got him in Scotland, but it would be fun to have a flight to try different ones together.

Sorel Kezar Boots - These boots are stylish, weatherproof, waterproof and good looking. You can wear them with casual outfits or even to work.

Stance Socks - My husband has a bunch of these socks and I know my sister-in-law and brother-in-law love them too. I have a pair of boot ones that I really love in the Winter too.

LL Bean Fleece-Lined Flannel Shirt - Again, Rory has a few of these and wears them all Winter. He says they are comfy, cozy and stylish.

Blackstone 28" Griddle Grill - I got this for Rory for Christmas last year and he loves it. We use it at least once a week. We make pancakes, bacon, fried rice, grilled cheese, smash burgers, etc. This is the ultimate gift.

Allbirds Men's Wool Piper Sneakers - We love the Allbirds brand. I was looking at some new ones for myself and I saw these mid-top sneakers. They are stylish and you can wear them without socks!!

Vuori Ease Performance Half Zip Shirt - Rory loves Vuori and this half zip can be worn to work or for everyday use. 

What are you getting the guy in your life? I need more gift suggestions!!!


  1. I struggle the most with men too (that and couple gifts!). Luckily the last few years my husband has been all about really big purchases that pretty much cover me as far as gift giving goes for the year!

    1. Ugh I wish my husband was like that. He is so difficult to shop for.

  2. I just ordered a hooded flannel for one of my boys! This is a very good list my friend! I had the guys guide scheduled for today but I moved it to next week. I think today was definitely the day for guys guides!

    1. Oh that is awesome. Glad I could help. I think it is the day for guys guides as Biana had one too. Ha.

  3. We are totally on the same wave length! I actually always get the sugarfina candy as a stocking stuffer for Gary! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

    1. I always get them for Rory as well. I love their candies. And yes we are!!!

  4. I will always click on a post for guy gift ideas - they are the WORST to buy for!!!

  5. Oh, these are all such great ideas! I need to make some purchases soon, or Ryan's gifts won't arrive in time! Thankfully, I'm almost done with the kids' gifts!

    1. Yes you must since you are far off. Oh are you sharing what you got your kids? I need more ideas.

  6. These are some amazing gift ideas..thanks for sharing dear :-)
    Beauty and Fashion/Rampdiary/Glamansion

  7. The touchscreen gloves and the solo stove are amazing gift ideas!

  8. I got B those Ugg Ascot slippers for Christmas, but I got the non-leather ones. He never wears slippers or anything like that, so I'm hoping he likes them. He's constantly complaining about his feet being cold since he's been working from home, so IDK why he wouldn't wear them. Fingers crossed he likes them!

    1. They are the best and he can wear them outside when he gets the paper or takes out the trash, etc. My husband loves them. The only reason I got the leather is they are easier to clean. I think it is a great gift for him. I hope he likes them.