Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Gift Guide: Kids

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Next up on the gift guide list is: Kids. I added some items that the girls have and love and other items that I am getting for the girls. And so many of these items are for both girls and boys. I will also be doing a stocking stuffer gift guide which will include some smaller gifts.

Kids Gift Guide

Porcelain Disney Princess Tea Set - Last year I got the girls a plastic style tea set from PB, but I am really wanting to get them this princess set from PB.

Wood Outdoor Mud Kitchen - The girls have been wanting another kitchen. We got rid of theirs during the pandemic and now they want a new bigger one. This is the one that they are getting. It is made for outdoors and when it is too cold outside, we can bring it into the garage for play.

Kids Vanity - My girls would also love a vanity. They love to pretend to put on makeup and this would be the cutest.

Ice Cream Truck - My girls have this and LOVE it. They play with it all the time. It was given to them by their cousin since they didn't play with it anymore and we have loved on it for about two years now. And it still works! The windshield wipers, headlights and song (it plays an ice cream truck song) all work!

Klee Kids Makeup - I asked a question on IG stories about makeup for kids and I got this set over and over again. So the girls are getting it for Christmas.

Sticker By Letter Book - These seem to be all the rage and I posted on my Amazon Prime Purchases for October that I picked these up for the girls.

Kids Headphones - The kids needed headphones for school, so I got these and thought they would make a great gift as well.

Pottery Barn Backpack - The girls have these backpacks in a smaller version and we love them. It was time for a new size, so we got them new ones for Christmas. We had them personalized with their initials, instead of their names this time. The link to this takes you to all the different ones for boys and girls.

Squishmallow - The girls saw these at a friends birthday party and then again at my sisters house and had wanted one. So I got them one each for Christmas. One got a purple unicorn and the other got a pink unicorn.

Kids Apron - Do you kids like to help in the kitchen? Do they love to bake cookies with you? Then these are such a cute gift for them. They can even double as an art apron.

Slippers - These are the cutest slippers. My mother-in-law has them in the adult size, and loves them.

Kids Fleece Hooded Robe - The girls have these robes and they are personalized. They love them and stay cozy in them.

Scooter with Kickstand - This was also on my Amazon Prime Purchases in October post. We got the girls these scooters so they could keep up with the neighbor kids in having a two wheel scooter.

Adjustable Roller Skates - The girls got some of these when they were visiting my in-laws in Spring Creek and they love them. But they are definitely still learning how to use them. Which brings me to the next item on the list...

Kids Knee and Elbow Pads - As I said above, the girls need some protection when falling down as they are still learning to roller skate.

PB Anywhere Beanbag - Just like the Anywhere Chair, the beanbags are a lot of fun. The girls each have one, in pink and a pretty green and they are personalized. The girls use them in our guest room to watch tv or snuggle up in.

What is on your kids Christmas wish list?


  1. My niece and nephew would like these things! I always just ask my brother what to get them though.

    1. I wanted to get some for my niece and nephew, but they are really difficult to shop for.

  2. these are so fun! we have a vanity for Sophia and she loves it! great idea about the pads for their scooter / bike!! xo, biana BlovedBoston

    1. My friends daughter has one and that is why I thought to maybe get it for the girls.

  3. Replies
    1. And it is porcelain so they will feel like it is a real tea party.

  4. ROLLER SKATES - I need to get those for our little Grandbuddy - she'll be at a good age to start giving it a try

    1. Oh yes. My girls just started with it. But they definitely need the elbow, knee and wrist guards. Ha.

  5. Love the vanity! Might tuck that idea away for my oldest's next birthday. She would love that!

  6. These are great gift ideas, thanks for sharing! I always find kids so fun to buy for. I keep saying I'm finished shopping for the kids but them I stumble across more things that would be perfect, haha! We always go overboard with gifts at Christmas time, although I do need to get more for my sister as I only have 2 presents for her at the moment!

    Hope that your week is going well and you have a nice weekend planned ahead :)

    Away From The Blue

    1. I need to do a lot more shopping, but I totally get going overboard on Christmas. It is fun.

      I hope you have a good weekend.

  7. We got Zoe that ice cream truck for Christmas along with the wardrobe and bunk bed for her dolls. Such great ideas on your list!

    1. My girls have the bunk bed and love it. I might need a wardrobe for them too.