Wednesday, May 26, 2021

What's Up Wednesday

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I feel like I am in a bit of a blogging funk. Anyone else feel this way? Maybe it is engagement being down. Maybe it is the school year ending? Or maybe life changed again and change is hard.

Anyways, onto this month's What's Up Wednesday...What's Up Wednesday
Sunday: Honey Sriracha Glazed Meatballs with brown rice and carrots (I used pork this time)
Monday: I went out to dinner with a friend.
Tuesday: Out with my little ladies since Rory has an early softball game.
Wednesday: Turkey tacos and fruit salad.
Thursday: Trader Joes Orange Chicken and Fried Rice.
Friday: Takeout or leftovers as a I have a massage and facial (mother's day gift).
Saturday: Unsure, but making something at home.

WHAT I'M REMINISCING ABOUT... The last year. This is my last week of working from home (more than likely) and I am not ok with it. We developed such a routine at home and the work from home life that I don't want to change it up again. It makes things easier with the girls schooling, Summer break and just stability in their lives. Ugh.

WHAT I'M LOVING... I love being outdoors, Spring, the blooming flowers and hopefully the beach days very soon.

Another item I have been loving and posted about last month is the Stila Glitter and Glow Liquid Eyeshadow. I got it in Kitten. I use the regular Stila Kitten Eyeshadow, but it is so hard to find. I wasn't sure if I would like this stuff, but it goes on smoothly, has lots of pigment, dries quickly and gives a pop to your eyes. This stuff gets good reviews and I can see why. 
Stila Glitter and Glow Liquid Eyeshadow

WHAT WE'VE BEEN UP TO... Well I got to see my best friend that I haven't seen in over a year. We celebrated a friends daughters birthday, had date nights, Mother's Day, went couch shopping, saw and watched my nephew, had dinner over at a friends house, and had a few family outings!

WHAT I'M DREADING... Going back to work full time in the office. 

WHAT I'M WORKING ON... Lots of work stuff.

WHAT I'M EXCITED ABOUT... Our week long trip to Graeagle! 

WHAT I'M WATCHING/READING... I am currently reading The End of Her by Shari Lapena. I just started it and I have the Good Sister by Sally Hepworth waiting for me to read.

As for tv, I have been watching Grey's Anatomy, Younger, A Million Little Things, Million Dollar Listing New York, Top Chef and now The Bold Type.

WHAT I'M LISTENING TO... XM/Sirius radio.

WHAT I'M WEARING... Well on Mondays and Tuesdays I have been living in my American Eagle jeans plus a nice blouse or top and either wedge sandals or ballet flats. Then on Wednesday through Sunday, I wear either leggings, dresses or shorts. Depends on the weather. 

And now that will change with going back full time I am sure. Currently we can wear jeans into the office, but I am not sure how long that will last. I am not up for wearing business casual daily. Ugh.

WHAT I'M DOING THIS WEEKEND... Well our plans keep getting changed, so I am not really sure. First we were going camping, but we don't have anywhere for the girls to sleep. Then we were going to go to Spring Creek to help my in-laws move into their mountain home, but we have nowhere to board Walter (he usually stays with family). Then we were going to watch my cousin's son for an evening, but we are just not sure anymore. Ha. 

Hopefully getting out and about!

WHAT I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO NEXT MONTH... June brings Graeagle, beach days, the girls Kindergarten graduation, Father's Day and the Reno Rodeo!!!

WHAT ELSE IS NEW... Nothing really. Can I just say how crazy it is that we are almost half way through 2021?


  1. Work in an office? NO!!!! Real clothes?? HELL NO! haha. We are supposed to be transitioning back to the office full time, but I basically said no thanks. Commuting 45 minutes each way, that rush to get out the door in the morning, it all sounds horrible. As long as my work gets done, I don't really think they care that I stay home. I told them to call me for lunch sometime haha. I work so much better at home. In the office we have an open concept and it is so hard to concentrate some days. I cant believe the girls are graduating kindergarten! Hopefully you guys will find something fun to do this weekend.

    1. Right? Not cool at all. I am not happy about it. I am actually dreading it. I tried to say no thanks. I commute that each way too. The cost of gas and wear and tear on your car too. UGH. I get more work done at home too. That is why I am flabbergasted by this. I hope we do too!

  2. Your family is so very beautiful! Congratulations to the girls for starting kindergarten! Talk about a blogging funk! Oh yes! My engagement always plummets in May and doesn’t usually come back until August. I think it’s just everybody taking a summer break!

    1. Thank you so much. I really appreciate it! No they are finishing Kindergarten. they are going into first grade. I can't believe it. I had no idea that it plummeted this much, but I guess it is happening to everyone.

  3. I hope going back to work in the office goes ok! It's an adjustment for sure. The Good Sister is so good, enjoy!

    1. It will, but I am not happy about it. too many people. Too many hurdles like wearing masks all the time and the thought that one person is going to get it and then shut us down again. Ugh. Oh I am glad it is good.

  4. Ugh, I hope that transition to being back at work goes OK. I can't believe the girls are ready for Kindergarten graduation!

    1. Me too. I an not looking forward to it. I can't believe it either. It goes by so quickly.

  5. It's a shame that they are making you go back into the office! My office reopened last year after there were no more cases, and they are leaving it up to us to decide when we want to go in, which I like as we organise as a team when a day suits as all. it does mean I've only been back a handful of times though, haha!

    I think when things get calmer at work (it's pretty hectic, so a few late hours) I'll be back in the office more often :)

    Hope you are having a nice week :)

    Away From The Blue

    1. I wish it was this way with my work. I think with the pandemic it has changed the way we work. No sense on going back to how it was. We have made it work and work better since working from home. Even a hybrid schedule is better.

      I hope you are having a great week too!

  6. My husband is actually looking forward to going to work in an office again so he can just concentrate on work. Of course, our kids are currently in their sixth week of mandated online schooling and our neighbours are doing a major construction project so our house is anything but quiet these days! I hope your transition goes well.

    And enjoy all your travels! They sound fun!!!

    1. Oh that is definitely a reason to want to be back in the office. I wanted to last year, but then they all went back into school and work and I was happy working from home alone with just my dog. Now I crave being home. Ugh.

      And thank you. Luckily it isn't far and it is safe there.

  7. I'm in a rut too :( UGH
    The pic of the girls with their purses - so cute.
    Are you not back in the office yet? I know you mentioned it before... I just KNOW its around the corner for me & I cant even get my mind set to comprehend it. Its going to be a dark dark day.

    1. At least I am not the only one. Big time rut over here. Ugh
      Thank you.
      I was back in the office part time (2 days a week) and this week is my first full week back. I am not happy about it.