Wednesday, May 27, 2020

What's Up Wednesday

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I almost forgot about this month's What's Up Wednesday. Being a short week with Memorial Day on Monday made me one day behind. I even was late to linking up my Monday's post as I forgot it was a Monday and had to do it on Tuesday. 

Anyways, onto this month's What's Up Wednesday...What's Up Wednesday

Sunday: We went out to dinner for date night.
We went out to dinner with my parents! Two dinners out in a row is something we haven't done since Febraury.
Tuesday: Tri Tip with a Roasted Butternut Squash and Pomegranate Salad
Wednesday: Coconut Lime Shrimp with Brown Rice
Thursday: Leftover Tri Tip Sandwiches
Friday: BBQ dinner
Saturday: Not sure. We are having dinner with family.

WHAT I'M REMINISCING ABOUT... Being able to go out more again. Being able to go to the beach. Having things go back to a more normal.

WHAT I'M LOVING... The sunshine. We have had the best weather lately. 

I am also loving all the walks and being outside that we are able to enjoy!

WHAT WE'VE BEEN UP TO...I am pretty much doing the same thing I have the last three months. I have been working from home, going on daily walks with my family, cooking at home, bbqing, home projects and hanging out at home. Even though a few things are opening up, we still are pretty much stuck at home. I did get my hair done and my nails done and that was heaven!

WHAT I'M DREADING... That we won't get to go on our vacations all summer nor will we be able to go to the beach again. I want to go camping. I want to go to the beach. Both of those things are outside and not near people really. You can spread out and keep to yourself.

WHAT I'M WORKING ON... I started revitalizing our old wood chairs that sit in our backyard. I have been sanding them down and I bought all the stuff to re-stain and seal them. These chairs are old. I had to tighten up all the bolts and screws to make sure they were stable. The sanding has been a process, but it is awesome to see it come along.

WHAT I'M EXCITED ABOUT... Upcoming vacations as long as things open back up!

WHAT I'M WATCHING/READING... Monday I posted 5 new books that I read in the last month. Check it out here.

I am started Schitt's Creek recently and I am loving it.  We are already 4 season in. Ha. We have also been watching Top Chef, The Baker and the Beauty, Dead to Me, Working Moms and then some movies on Netflix. What are you watching? We need some more suggestions.

Speaking of Schitt's Creek, I bought a Rose Apothecary Shirt on Etsy and I had to share it. If you love Schitt's Creek, then you know.
Rose Apothecary Shirt

WHAT I'M LISTENING TO... a public meeting on the state of gaming in Nevada.

WHAT I'M WEARING... I have been living in shorts, sandals, dresses lately. I have worn my leggings and a sweatshirt here and there (on a cold front day), but mostly lots of shorts. Here are some of my favorites lately.
Steve Madden League Quarter Strap Sandal

Women's Sleeveless Tie Dye Midi Dress

Women's Sleeveless Tie Dye Midi Dress (I have this in pink and the blue tie dye above)

Garmin Vivomove

Garmin Vivomove Style (I love my watch. There was a learning curve to it, but now it is the best!!!)

WHAT I'M DOING THIS WEEKEND... We have a big surprise happening (no I am not pregnant, it isn't even my immediate family's surprise), so we will be doing that and then we will be spending the rest of the weekend with family!

WHAT I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO NEXT MONTH... June brings our annual Graeagle trip and we are waiting to get word if we get to go this year. We stay in a cabin and only have limited interaction at the lodge, but we are not sure if we will get to go or not. I am also looking forward to more things opening like parks and hopefully the beach!



  1. Can’t wait to go to the beach again although I don’t go to a crowded one! Those shorts are so cute!

    1. I don't want to go to a crowded one either. The shorts have been a big hit here.

  2. I hope you get to go to Greagle! We are heading on a camping trip soon and hope the places we want to go are open. Can't wait to hear more about this surprise!

    1. Oh where are you going? My fingers are crossed for the both of us!

  3. Your Friday night BBQ sounds delish! Sending well wishes your way that you get to go on your vacations. A lot of things are slowly beginning to reopen including the beaches, resorts and theme parks here in Florida so there is a lot of hope <3

    Green Fashionista

    1. I saw that Disney World is opening up in July. That is exciting. Love that the beaches are opening!

  4. Surprises are always fun! We ordered takeout twice this past weekend and were really living it up LOL. Crazy how low the standard for fun has gotten, right? Hopefully you will get to go on your trip. I think we are cancelling our beach trip in July. Hopefully we can make up for it with an even more awesome trip next year.

    1. It is crazy how low the standard has gotten. Ha. That is such a bummer that you have to cancel. Where were you guys going to go?

  5. That shirt!!!! I need it!
    I just found the last season online where Netflix doesnt have Schitt's Creek

    1. Oh where did you find it? I am on season 4, almost season 5. And yes to the shirt. I am sooo excited about it.

  6. Wow; two dinners out in a row?! That's fantastic. I refuse to jump through the hoops our state has put in place so we're still settling for take out. Our beaches have opened up and from what I understand there are very little regulations put in place for there though... I just don't get the rules and where they draw the line for each place/event/thing.

  7. We've had such nice weather here too and it's made all the difference!! Love that you guys are changing up your dinners with eating out again! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  8. It is such a game changer when the weather is nice! Can't wait to see your finished outdoor chairs. :)

  9. We can't eat in restaurants yet but we should really order take out more. We've only done it a few times during quarantine and it's been such a treat. I really hope your summer trips work out. We're hoping to go visit my parents but it includes a flight so we'll have to see...