Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Amazon Prime - December Purchases

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Last month I went a little crazy with my Amazon purchases. Since it was December and Christmas was on the horizon, I bought all the things. I don't even want to add up how much I spent last month as I know it will be a lot. So get ready for a huge Amazon Prime haul.

Prime Purchases
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First, I bought Rory a Secrid wallet. This wallet is a RFID card wallet. He saw it when he was in Canada and wanted one. He loves it so far and feels more protected.
Secrid RFID Leather Wallet

Next, I bought the girls a princess dress up dress. Avery got Belle and Sutton got Aurora (Sleeping Beauty). They wear them both, but that is just who they were addressed to.
Belle Dress Up Costume

Princess Dress-up Costumes

For the girls stockings, I got them these lip balms. They are watermelon flavored and smell heavenly.
Kitty Lip Smackers

I got the girls high heels to match their princess dresses. Sutton got silver and Avery got gold.
Gold Girls High Heels

They also got a card game each for their stocking. One got Go Fish and the other got Old Maid.
Go Fish Card Game

Old Maid Card Game

Next, I bought the girls some fun cozy socks. My MIL ended up getting them the same brand of socks since they have amazing reviews. The girls LOVE them so far.
Cozy Cat Socks

One of Rory's stocking stuffers was this tire pressure gauge. He doesn't have one in his glove box (which we found out this year when we needed one), so I got him this one. It has great reviews on Amazon. And everyone needs one in their vehicle.
Tire Pressure Gauge

Another stocking stuffer for Rory was this Poo-Pourri Spray. My friend had it at her house when I visited and I couldn't stop laughing at it. She said it works great, so I bought it for his stocking. He got a good laugh from it too.
Poo-Pourri Spray

Does anyone else have a husband with large feet? Size 14? My husband does and he can never find extra large dress socks. So I went hunting on Amazon and got him these. He LOVES them and they actually fit his feet.
Mens Extra Large Dress Socks

My husband went through our kitchen recently and threw away a bunch of utensils. He said some were "worn out", but he threw away my beloved spoon that I use to cook all the time. So I had to buy a new one and I got this guy.
Sure Grip Nonstick Nylon Spoon

Another non Christmas related purchase was this clothing rack. Since we are getting closer to the end of our renovation, we needed a clothing rack for when they redo our closets. This one had a great reviews, but wasn't cheap. We know we can use this later on and when we have guests over, so we went for it. Plus it can hold up to 287 pounds of clothes.
Heavy Duty Rolling Clothing Rack

Another non Christmas purchase was this pomade for the girls. We needed something that we could use in their hair for dance class that wouldn't be stuck in there forever. This stuff washes out with water. Rory uses the male version of it.
Suavecita Pomade

The girls needed new helmets and I asked a former blogger (we are still IG friends) what she gets for her kids since her husband is an avid biker. She recommended Bell and Bontrager. I had purchased two on their website, but they never shipped out. Luckily, Amazon had them and I was able to get them in time for Christmas.
Bell Sidetrack Child Helmet

Bell Sidetrack Child Helmet

The girls love water bottles and really liked our Hydroflasks, so I bought them one of their own. I was going to get them a Hydroflask, but I found a killer deal on Takeya, so they got these and they are just as good as the Hydroflask.
Takeya Kids Water Bottle

I bought myself a Roaring 20's/Great Gatsby dress for NYE. This dress looked really good and I got a ton of compliments on it.
Roaring 20's Dress

I needed some items for my new bathroom, so I got this cosmetic organizer which fits most of my make up.
Clear Cosmetic Storage

Another storage organizer that I purchased were these clear bins. I got two sets of them since I wanted to fit all of my toiletries in them. I had medicine cabinets before, and I consolidated everything into these bins. They are great and durable so far.
Clear Storage Bins

I needed a head piece for my Roaring 20's costume, so I purchased this one, but it did not arrive in time. It was set to arrive between December 29th and December 31st, but it didn't arrive until January 2nd. So I sent it back.
Roaring 20's Head Piece

Since we are getting new closets, I bought the girls and I velvet hangers. The girls got a ton of dresses for Christmas and their birthday and they needed new hangers. I also needed new ones since I was using ones from the dry cleaner recently.
Kids Velvet Hangers

Velvet No Shoulder Bump Hangers

What did you buy this month? Did you go crazy like I did with Amazon Prime?


  1. You did get a lot and my post is pretty long today too!

    1. I bet. I can't believe how many things I bought from Amazon last month. I don't even want to see my credit card bill.

  2. My kiddos LOVE Old Maid! We've been playing two or three rounds each night before bed! I came across Takeya at Target at the start of the school year and I'd argue that it has held up event better than the Hydroflask! I'm a dedicated user! Thanks for sharing about the kids hangers - I need to get a few more! Happy 2020!

    1. We need to break it out and play it more. I love that you play it so often. I am sooo glad that your Takeya has held up better than Hydroflask as kids can be heavy handed with items. So far they are a huge hit and the girls love them. Those kid hangers are a great deal. I am very happy with them so far. Cheers to 2020!

  3. if only that Belle dress was in my size ;) LOL
    Love the Roaring 20's look. you got your Halloween taken care of now with that ;)
    Goodness gracious - Old Maid & Go Fish - my life this weekend with a 5 year old in my home

    1. I knew you would love that dress. They look so cute in it too. I totally am going to wear that for Halloween next year. Good thinking. I love the old school card games and hope my girls come to love them like I did.

  4. You got some good stuff last month! I love all the purchases for the girls, and that dress did look fabulous - who would have thought Amazon would have that?!

    1. I had no idea that Amazon would make a good dress like that. Sometimes I feel like costume dresses will be cheap. This one is actually nice and did well in the washer too.

  5. The princess dresses are so cute! Love your roaring 20's outfit too. Thanks for linking up with Prime Purchases! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road

    1. They were huge hits at our house. My girls love dressing up.

  6. I'm loving your dress.. These posts are so fun.

  7. That roaring 20's outfit and headpiece is fabulous!