Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Father's Day Weekend

I haven't done a weekend update in awhile, so I figured Father's Day weekend was a good one to document.

Friday after work, I ran a few errands, had lunch and then picked up the girls from school. Then I took them to swim lessons where they totally rocked it. They are starting to swim on their own (with the help of a floating bar bell). After swim lessons, I took them to pizza since it is right around the corner. And it is the make your own pizza. The girls shared one and I had one and we had enough to bring home to Rory for after golf.

Then since Rory wasn't able to do the Popsicles with Dads event at the girls school, I took them to ice cream after. Sutton got the Oatmeal Chocolate Chip and Avery got the Cookie Explosion.

Then I took the girls home and got them ready for bed and the lake the next day. Rory got home, ate our leftover pizza and then the girls went to bed. We watched the first episode of Big Little Lies (season 2) and then went to bed.

Saturday morning we got up and started getting ready for the beach. We stopped at coffee along the way and got to the beach pretty early. We had tons of space and got a great spot up front. From there, we enjoyed our beach time with food, sunshine, floating and building sand castles. We spent from 9 am to 2:30 pm in Lake Tahoe.
Sand Harbor Lake Tahoe

 Sutton was pretending to sleep in her chair.

On the way home, the girls took a nap. Once we got home, we all got showered and ready. Rory and the girls dropped me off in Midtown. They went to dinner at Sup and I went to meet my friends at a wine bar across the street. One of the girls I met up with, I only get to see twice a year, so that was sooo nice. And the other, I have recently reconnected with, so it was nice to hang out again. And bonus...Rory and the girls stopped by after they ate so they could see my friends as well.

Two of us got this dish and it was heavenly. And we also had calamari which was soooo good.

We pretty much closed the restaurant down and headed back to the wine bar for more chatting. I ubered home around 10:30 pm.

Sunday morning I got up early to take care of the girls and let Rory rest for Father's Day. Then we all got ready and went to brunch.

After brunch, we dropped Rory off at home and I took the girls out to Target and Whole Foods. Rory stayed home and watched the US Open (golf) and was able to relax.

When we got back, I fed the girls lunch and then had to run out to another grocery store for a few items that were not at Whole Foods. Rory put the girls down for a nap and I also picked up some chocolates for the grandfathers.

After the girls naps, we headed over to my sisters house for a Father's Day dinner. Her and her husband smoked ribs and beer can chicken in their Traeger and now I want a Traeger even more!!! The food was amazing. She paired those with asparagus wrapped in bacon with a yummy sauce and garlic smashed potatoes. Then we had some of their anniversary cake and vanilla bean ice cream for dessert. It was an amazing time. The girls cried when we were leaving since they were having too much fun and had missed my side of the family.
Traeger Grill

Once we were home, we got the girls ready for bed and put them down and then spent the rest of the evening getting ready for the week ahead.

How was your Father's Day weekend?


  1. Sounds like a perfect weekend! I always love seeing your pictures from Tahoe. It looks beautiful. So strange to see snow covered mountains in the background while you're swimming, though. That's what makes it so unique!

    1. There is still soooo much snow there. I can't believe it. Our water has raised a ton and the clarity has gone up even more. It is crystal clear there. Tahoe is the best!!!

  2. Your day at the lake looks fabulous! The whole weekend seemed like a good one - lots of great things going on!

  3. Sounds like a fabulous weekend! I mean swim lessons, pizza, and the lake?! I still can't get over how gorgeous that water is with the snow capped mountains as a backdrop <3

    Green Fashionista

  4. What a fun Father's Day weekend! Ryan wasn't here to go to Floats with Fathers at preschool either...they told me I could come in his place, but I never want to feel like I'm filling that hole, you know? Gosh, that water is gorgeous though! Take me with!

  5. That's what weekends are made for - cramming in ALL the fun.
    Look at all that blue at the lake. Heavenly.
    I just can't... the girls look like little preteens in their bathing suits. I feel like they were just babies on your blog. They are going through some major growth spurts here!!!
    Glad you got some friend time. I love when we shut down a place with all the talking & reminiscing

  6. That’s awesome that the girls are doing so well at swim lessons! Swim safety is so important and I wish more parents would take initiative. I keep hearing great things about Big Little Lies. I can watch it with our Spectrum package, so I am going to start it. How far is the beach from y’all? The girls are so cute in their beach gear! Looks like it was a great weekend!

  7. It looks like you got a beautiful weekend! That's cute the girls school does popsicles with Dad. Ours did donuts. That lake just looks sooo amazing! And Gosh, with those snow covered mountains, just beautiful!

  8. Oh my gosh the view of the mountain at lake tahoe gets me every time you post from there, just so beautiful! Speaking of beautiful, your girls and getting more beautiful and tall by the day! Sounds like it was a wonderful weekend!

  9. What a great weekend! I absolutely love that blue dress on you -- beautiful!

  10. Such a great weekend! I'm so happy that big little lies is back - such a great show! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston