Wednesday, June 27, 2018

What's Up Wednesday

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And just like that we are going into July. I feel like this time of the year goes by so fast. I just want to soak in all of Summer.

What's Up Wednesday


Sunday: Spaghetti with garlic bread.
Monday: Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese
Tuesday: Taco Pasta Bake (one that I have had in the freezer for about a month)
Wednesday: Pizza date with my girls.
Thursday: BLTA's
Friday: Go out. Rory is back from his work trip and I won't want to cook after caring for my girls all week.
Saturday: Not sure.


My sister's wedding. I know I haven't posted really any photos, but I want to wait until she gets her professional photos back and do a post then. But for now, here are a few that I have.
wedding updos

Toiyabe Golf Course wedding
 My cousin and I enjoying some champagne while getting ready.

Toiyabe Golf Course wedding
Bride and MOH

Wedding flowers

Toiyabe Golf Course wedding

Toiyabe Golf Course wedding

Toiyabe Golf Course wedding

Toiyabe Golf Course wedding

Toiyabe Golf Course wedding
 My sister and her husband.

wedding cake ideas


First off, I am loving my hair lately. I got a full color/weave at my last appointment for my sister's wedding, so it is bright blonde. The length is great right now and it looks healthy.

I am still loving my Poreblem. I use this stuff daily and it keeps my skin looking flawless. I pair it with my Dior Forever foundation. Did you know the Dior foundation has spf in it? That is my number one thing that I look for in a foundation now. That and coverage. Gotta protect your face.

Cat & Jack dresses for girls. Oh pretty much any Cat & Jack toddler clothes. Right now, Target is killing it with their toddler girl clothing. I bought a bunch of stuff for the girls. Recently, they have loved wearing dresses and now I am buying dresses any chance I get. Plus they can wear them to school as long as they have shorts under them. Here are the two most recent ones I bought for them.
Cat & Jack toddler dresses

Plus I scooped up two other dresses at Gymboree last weekend because everything in the store was $9.99 and under.


Well we took our first annual Graeagle trip in early June, then we had my sister's wedding, then Father's Day weekend and then family came into town. We have been pretty busy this last month.


The 100 degree temperatures. I love Summer, but those mega hot days are sooo muggy.


Nothing to crazy. Still purging things around the house and shopping for a new couch, new living room lamp and some things to update around the house.


We have some friends coming into town for 4th of July, and I can't wait to see them. Plus we have our annual Wolf Pack mothership party. This is a party at one of the big booster's house that helps usher in the upcoming football season.


I finished The Kind Worth Killing pretty quickly. I really enjoyed it. I kind of guessed some parts, but overall the book kept me hooked. Now I am reading The Woman in the Window and have been enjoying it. I am not sure what to think about the woman who watches everything, but it has me hooked. I plan on reading The Woman in Cabin 10 next because I thought I had read it, but I haven't.

As for TV, a few of my favorite shows have come back on and I am into those. The Affair, Million Dollar Listing New York and Masterchef are back!!! Otherwise, I have been watching the Bachelorette, West World, Botched and The Last Defense.


I listened to the podcast about MLM: Lularoe and it was so good. I bought a dress and was gifted a dress several years ago, but I never bought into the Lularoe craze. But to see how the company works, what went wrong and all the bad things that happened to some of the consultants, I was blown away. It is an awful company. If you want to listen to it, it is called MLM but OK: The Rise and Fall of Lularoe. There are two parts, so make sure you listen to both.


All the Summer clothes. I have been trying to slowly purchase a dress here and there, so I have a more variety to wear to work. I also have been wearing lots of shorts on the weekends.


We don't have much planned which is kind of nice.

I am looking forward to the Wolf Pack party, 4th of July, beach days and friends visiting.


I have my consultation for my deviated septum surgery. I have been battling my nose for the last couple of years. I have been sick way more often (bronchitis, walking pneumonia, sinus infections, etc.), run with my mouth open since I can't get enough air in through my nose, sleep with my mouth open for the same reason, have a clicking snore that happens from sleeping with my mouth open and just feel like I can't get enough air in EVER. So I am hoping to get this fixed and breathe a lot better.

Thank goodness for changing over to my new insurance.



  1. Ahhh the wedding phots are so pretty and you looked absolutely stunning, Love the dress colors and the flowers are so pretty and cheerful. What a great day of memories made! Happy Wednesday beautiful!

  2. Aw your sister and you looked beautiful in the wedding photos! Loving the girls dresses from Target, I need to check those out for my goddaughter. I'm interested in that podcast since I've known people who selling LuLaRoe.

    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams

  3. You did have a busy June!! So much fun though! That podcast sounds sooooo interesting

  4. Lovely wedding photos! And those 2 little dolls in their dresses! They look ready for one of those 100 degree days.

  5. I cant wait to see & hear more about the wedding. I love her dress - it looks very vintage to me. Classic.
    You always make me so jealous with your meal plans for the week. What's your trick?

  6. Love her wedding. The colors, the flowers, the cake, you hair, her dress and yours... just all of it. The girls look so grown up in that photo. Wish E would wear dresses... because I love Target. She is still all skorts all the time. I wish the 4th wasn't mid week, but oh well. Need to listen to the podcast, never has any luluroe but interesting story I've heard. Find a date and come visit!

  7. The wedding looks nice. Good luck with the consultation!

  8. love the wedding photos and taco pasta bake (frozen or not) sounds delish!!

  9. I have literally had to turn a blind eye to the Target toddler/girls (because now my oldest is in a girls small - WHAT?!) sections, I have no self control and their stuff is so cute! Love the pictures of the wedding -- your sister (and you!) looked beautiful! Your menu sounds yummy, too. Have a great week!

  10. Beautiful wedding photos - the aubergine of the bridesmaids dresses is really sophisticated. I understand you dreading the heat - I am struggling with it her in the 90s - if your nose is bothering you you must be hating the mugginess - best of luck with your first consultation - you must be so excited to get a fix on the horizon!

  11. Your sister looked so pretty! Target is where most of Zoe's clothes come from. Cat n Jack kills it every season! I try to mix in a few things from other places like Old Navy, Gap, etc...but Target is where it is at! So much stuff is coming out about some MLM companies now. I try to stay far away from that stuff.

  12. I want to try that No Poreblem. You had a great June and July sounds like a lot of fun too. That podcast sounds really interesting. I don't have any of their products but I know people who loved their leggings. I will have to listen to it.

  13. The photos are beautiful! You look absolutely stunning!

  14. I still need to try that No Poreblem! Look at you gorgeous girlies getting ready for the wedding <3
    Green Fashionista

  15. Your sister was so beautiful on her wedding day! I'd love to see more pictures!!

  16. My mom or my dad had that surgery and it made a world of difference for them!

  17. I'm going to make that Taco Pasta Bake this week! And oooh I want to listen to that Lularoe podcast!

  18. I love the wedding photos! Your sister looks so pretty and happy. I still can't get over the girls in their dresses, too cute! Ugh our humidity is creeping in here and that's when those summer days become a little harder. Sierra Beautifully Candid

  19. Congrats to your sister! Her bridal flowers are beautiful. I'm not a fan of the extreme heat either. I had deviated septum surgery a little over ten years ago. The recovery was painful and it took two weeks to feel like I was normal again but it was worth it. I don't have near the issues with my sinuses now.