Thursday, May 11, 2017

Girl Chat - Favorite Make Up/Beauty Products

It's time for another round of Girl Chat. This time we are talking about our favorite make up and/or beauty products. I am going with make up as it is one thing I do spend money on consistently and something that I have done tons of research on.

Below are my favorite products. I have tried them all and LOVE them.
Favorite Make Up Products

IT CC cream

I use this as my foundation each morning. I used to use Mac, but I have found this works so much better for me. It lasts all day long, even though a gym session and has SPF 50 in it. It has beautiful coverage and doesn't feel heavy.

Urban Decay eyeshadow primer

I started using Urban Decay's eyes hadow primer many years ago and I have never looked back. I have tried a few others when they came as samples in Birchboxes or using points at Sephora, but none of them compare to UD.

This keeps my eyes hadow in place, doesn't leave a crease and lasts through a gym session.

Too Faced Natural Eyes

As with most make up, I have tried most brands of eye shadow, but I always come back to this palette. Not only does it have my favorite set (Silk Teddy, Push-up and Erotica), but it allows me to go from day (classic) to evening (fashion) with colors that are similar but bolder. I can swipe on the new shadow over my day shadow and it looks really pretty.

Anastasia Eye Brow Pencil

Anastasia makes the BEST eye brow pencils. I never used to worry about my brows until I started seeing an esthetician and he recommended that I color my brows since they were pretty light. Then I got my make up done for my engagement photos and they used an eyebrow pencil and again for my wedding photos. So I knew it was time to invest in a good eyebrow pencil. 

I tried the ones from my professional photos, plus a few others and the best is Anastasia.

Hour Glass Ambient Blush

This was another recommendation and I haven't turned back. Unless I wear bronzer. After I had the girls, I was in desperate need of new make up, a new mommy makeover and a way to feel good about myself. My skin changed during pregnancy and I wanted to compliment it, so I headed into Sephora and the sweetest ladies helped me. They recommended this blush and since I never wore blush, I was hesitant. I only wore bronzer, but they changed my make up routine with this blush. It goes on with the prettiest hue and makes you glow. Perfect for a new mommy who is tired.

Maybelline Dark Circle Eraser

This stuff comes from the make up Gods. If you have children, stay up late or just plain look haggard in the morning, then this dark circle eraser is for you. I love this stuff. If I get 2 hours of sleep or 9, I still look like I didn't sleep much. This stuff covers up my dark circles and adds brightness to my eyes. I use it daily. Even when I don't wear much make up, I swipe this on to make me feel a bit more put together. Add this and the UD primer and you don't even need a full face of make up.


Sadly, I don't have a favorite mascara. I have tried so many and some are good for the short term, but then I am over them for one reason or another. I want full, long, thick eyelashes and no mascara compares to when I had eyelash extensions. Those were the best, but the price and how hard they are on your eyelashes stopped me. I wish I had them all the time, but they are not doable for me. So for now I just change my mascara up often.

What are your favorite make up and/or beauty products?

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  1. We included the same eye shadow palate in our post! Also I love that concealer stick. You gave it to me the first time and I've been obsessed ever since!

  2. I need that eye shadow palette!! It's so pretty! My naked pallet is pretty much out so that is going on my list. And I love that concealer stick, which reminds me, mine is almost out too. Great list girl!!

  3. I have commitment issues with mascara too! lol I've lucked out recently and managed to receive samples so for like 6 months I was able to make it without committing to a full tube. Dark circles are the biggest thing about my face I'd change if I could...haven't tried this concealer. Thanks for hosting!

  4. Seriously we are like makeup twins! I LOVE the CC cream by IT Cosmetics! I also love their concealer and their bye bye pores pressed powder! UD eyeshadow primer is a ride or die for me and I LOVE that pallet! I don't have it just yet but I have been eyeing it up for a while! I currently have the Rose Gold pallet from Ulta and LOVE it along with some other pallets!

  5. That eye shadow palette is so pretty! I have never used a concealer, but thinking I need to give your favorite a try! And I suggest trying Clinique High Impact Mascara or Lancome Grandiose - add in a primer and I definitely think with either you will get as close to fake lashes as possible!

  6. I need to find a favorite mascara too. Most mascara just annoys me! I have that IT foundation, good stuff.

  7. That eye shadow palette looks amazing. I really need to toss all of my current makeup and buy new.

  8. I love that dark circle concealer. I need all I can get ;)
    I'm always up for a good eye shadow palette that has good neutrals.

  9. So many fun products! I love the colors in that Too Faced pallete, I'm going to have to look for that one. Beautifully Candid

  10. This is the 3rd time I have heard good things about that concealer! I must get some ASAP!

  11. Thanks for hosting this link up!! That blush looks so pretty!!!

  12. That dark circle concealer is going to come home with me next time I'm at the store. You are like the 5th or 6th person to mention it over the last couple of months so I think I'm going to get my hands on some. I have bags under my eyes all the time (hereditary and both of our kids have them, too. Poor things.) so that might help!

  13. I have gotten so many compliments on my eyelashes since I started using Better than Sex mascara, totally worth the price! I must try that concealer!

  14. I love Two Faced products especially their eye shadows I think I will have to look into this palette because I need more right? haha

  15. I like looking at what others do because my routine is so dated. I use that undereye stuff! The eye shadow you uses looks nice. I never use eye shadow, but I like that color scheme!

  16. Love this list! I'm with you on the Too Faced eyes shadow palettes. :) I'm especially excited to try that foundation. It sounds amazing!

  17. A CC foundation that lasts through a workout--- ummm yes please!!

  18. Too Faced has some pretty awesome eyeshadow palettes! I have the 'Boudoir Eyes' but I've always wanted the Natural Eyes one too. I really want to try that CC Cream!

  19. I love the Urban Decay eyeshadow primer! I use it daily and love that my eye makeup lasts all day long. That Too Faced palette has such pretty colors. I may need to try it out! And that concealer sounds fabulous!