Monday, November 21, 2016


Wow and just like that it is Monday. This weekend flew by in an instant and I think I need another day off just to recover and sleep. Yes, Sutton is getting her two year old molars and life in the Butler household is rough....sleep wise.

But let's get down to it anyways.

Friday, I worked all day which is unusual since I have half days. It was only me and another agent in my division plus bosses. So so so quiet. After work, I picked up the girls and headed home. I inspected the work that was done on my kitchen and found some flaws that need to be addressed, but was overall happy with the progress.

Rory had a Nevada basketball game that evening (3 and 1 baby), so I watched the girls. They were pretty good until Sutton woke up screaming owie due to her teeth hurting. Needless to say, we didn't sleep much Friday night. But I did catch up on some tv shows while I had the house to myself.

Saturday morning, we headed out to an early breakfast and then my sister came over. We showed her the progress on the kitchen and then headed to the last game/tailgate of the year. The chili cook off. It did not disappoint even though I only tried 4 chilis and they were small bites.
Nevada Wolf Pack football walk
 Pre-game walk
Nevada Wolf Pack band
The band always visits our tailgate

The game was a good one actually. But it was really cold out. Don't let those sunny blue skies fool you. At half time, we were invited into the Coaches Club to hang out and keep warm. This was the way to watch the game when it is that breezy out.
Nevada Wolf Pack Coaches Club

The Pack squeaked out a win and then we were off to relieve my sister of babysitting. The girls had a blast with their auntie.

We got home and I hit the store for a few items and picked up salads for dinner. Then after building a fire and watching some football, I headed out to hang out with my 9:30 pm. When did I get so old that 9:30 was late to go out? Ha. But we went to a local bar and caught up. It was the perfect ending to the day.

Sunday morning, we headed to breakfast and then to Home Depot for painting supplies. Yes I had more painting to do. When will it ever end?

We headed home for a few to give the girls a snack and some milk and then we took them to get haircuts. We were told this was the place to go for kids haircuts and get there when they opened on the weekends. We were there 10 minutes after opening and there was a huge line. But since they had toys galore for the kids to play with, we stuck around. We waited for almost an hour, ugh, before Avery was called back.
Hollylocks play area

This is when her meltdown ensued. She did not want to sit in the chair and was scared. After trying to bribe her with a lollipop, we took her down and put Sutton up. Sutton was scared and cried for me, but she was doing better than Avery. We wanted to get their bangs cut and a trim around the sides. I wanted to keep their curls intact.
Hollylocks twins first haircut
Hollylocks twins first haircut

We tried Avery again and she was still fussy, but she managed. The girl next to us was talking to her and calmed her down. These pictures were at the beginning of her second try. 
Hollylocks twins first haircut
Hollylocks twins first haircut

They both ended up getting their haircut and all is better now. And we saved a snippet of hair for their baby books. They look so cute. I will have to snap the after pictures this week as they were not having it last night.

After haircuts we went home and put the girls down for their naps. Sutton did nap very well due to her teeth, so she was up pretty fast. I went grocery shopping and then came home to paint our mud room. The mudroom took longer than planned and Rory had to take the girls on an impromptu walk around 3:30. The girls wanted to go outside and play and fortunately there was a break in the weather. About half way, I grabbed Walter and we met up with them for a short walk.

After getting home, it was dinner time for the girls (early) and while they ate, I finished the last coat on the wall. Rory left to another basketball game, so it was just me and the girls and Walter. After dinner, I gave the girls their bath and then we played for another hour and a half. The girls were tired and wanted to go to bed early, but 5:30 is too early, so I kept them playing and they helped me with the fire. And by help, I mean they watched me and oohh'd and ahh'd at it. 

I put the girls down to bed around 7 pm and then watched the rest of the Packers game. Rory came home with dinner after the game and we watched more football before calling it an early night.

Sutton slept until 2 am which was a god send since she has been waking up way earlier with her teething problems and we have had to bring her into our bed a few times. We tried calming her down, but she wasn't having it. We let her cry it out for a half hour and then she was out again. I crashed out hard again after that and now we are here in Monday land.

I only work two days this week and then have Wednesday off to get stuff done around the house. Plus a million errands. And you best bet that the house will be partially decorated by the time Rory and the girls get home. 

I hope you had a good weekend.

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  1. Ooof we have been fighting the 2 year molars too. They are rough! Good luck!

  2. Jam packed weekend! Sorry about the molars, hope she goes back to normal sleeping again. Those pics of the haircut are hilarious!

  3. Look at you party girl going out at 9:30 at night. I'm usually in jammies & in bed watching TV at that time ;)
    Those hair cutting pictures. I actually laughed at the cuteness. Poor baby!!!

  4. Oh my - I think they will learn to love hair cuts as they get older LOL!! Glad to hear the progress on your kitchen is coming along! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. You poor thing, sleep always seems to be hard for you. I hope you get some rest this week before Thanksgiving. Despite the sleepless nights, it looks like a fun weekend. I think that is exactly how Ben would react having to sit in a chair at the salon. No fun!

  6. OMG heading OUT at 9:30 PM? Hahahaha. The latest I head OUT these days is 6 PM. If I'm not already out by then, I'm in my PJs. #OldLadyStatus

    And bless your heart... you need to take a day off just so you can catch up on sleep!

  7. Your weekends are jam packed! Poor babies getting haircuts and teeth! Toddler life is rough 😉I am with you 9:30 is practically the middle of the night at this point in life!

  8. Sounds like a fun weekend!! Poor girls and their haircut fiasco! They will learn to love it! I'm
    Impressed you didn't head out until 9:30! I usually asleep on the sofa by that time haha.

  9. Mmmm chili tailgate sounds delicious! Poor girls with the haircuts but you sure did get some cute and memorable photos!

  10. Oh my goodness those pictures of the girls getting their haircuts!! Poor girls! I remember taking Brayden to his first haircut and he was so scared and crying hysterically, he had to sit on my lap to get it done. I can't wait to see your mudroom and kitchen, and I'm sure you can't wait for it to be done! Have a nice short week girl!

  11. Awe poor babies. They were not in the mood. That's neat that the hair place is kid friendly. I've seen the one with the hair chairs being cars and different themed seats. Love the warm football suite. We need one of those!

  12. aww.. my youngest hates get his haircut too..