Monday, August 1, 2016


This truly was a weekend that tested my limits. Although it was a pretty good weekend, there were many rough spots.

So let's down to it for my weekend recap.

Friday after work, I grabbed some lunch since I picked up the girls by myself. We headed home to have a snack and milk and then my parents showed up. We chatted for awhile, but then I needed to run to Costco and a olive oil shop for a housewarming gift. Around 5:30, Rory and I headed out to my co-workers retirement dinner. It was a lot of fun catching up with old co-workers and eating some pretty amazing food (basque).

Saturday morning we grabbed some breakfast with my in-laws and hung around the house most of the day due to the 100 degree heat. At 4:30, we headed to my sister's house for her housewarming party. Her house looks so beautiful. The girls were super fussy most of the time, so we had to cut out early before dinner. We did get to enjoy some yummy appetizers though.

Sunday morning we headed to Sand Harbor for the day, but the traffic was backed up for three miles. So we headed to Kings Beach instead. We thought the girls would love it, but they weren't so sure of the water. They loved playing in the sand, but didn't want to go into the water. I guess we need to go a few times before they like it more.
Sutton insisted on wearing her hat and our hats

We ate lunch, played in the sand before heading home with two crazy toddlers around 2 pm. When we got home, we did bath time, laundry, vacuuming and then grocery shopping. The girls didn't get much of a nap for the day, so they went to bed pretty early.

All was fine until midnight when Avery woke up screaming. We came in to find that she had thrown up. We had to get her cleaned up, her bed cleaned up and then we brought her into our bed to make sure she was ok. Nope. A half hour later she threw up again, but this time it got in her hair. So we gave her a mini bath, stripped our bed and then Rory slept on the floor of their room with Avery to make sure she wouldn't get sick again. She never did. But in the mix of it all, Sutton woke up and was upset. She wouldn't go back to sleep, so she slept in our bed with me. A bed with no fitted sheet or mattress pad since it was being washed.

I think we finally got to sleep around 3:30 and it made for a quick morning.

Between all the meltdowns, throw up and crazy toddlers this weekend, we are exhausted. Let's hope this week can only get better.

How was your weekend?

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  1. Ahhh - hectic but full of cute faces, right? :)
    I bet the water is intimidating for little ones. But sand is always fun!! :)

  2. You have such a beautiful family.
    I am sure they would eventually venture off the sand and play on the shore. Get their feet wet a little. :)

  3. Oh gosh what a crazy weekend. At least you got some beach time in!

  4. Aw man sorry they ruined your Sunday night of sleep. Hope they are feeling better! Despite that it looks and sounds like a great weekend! I hope you get some sleep tonight!

  5. Oh no! Hopefully everyone will get to sleep nice and early tonight!

  6. Oh no, not poor sick girls again!! Goodness gracious! Y'all need a break from all the sickness, Danielle!

  7. Oh man! That is rough!! I hope your week gets much much better from here.The Bachelorette is on tonight, so that's something, right? :-)

  8. Throw up is seriously the worst! And in the middle of the night... Down right miserable. So sorry friend!! They may not have loved the water at the beach but the girls sure looked darling!!

  9. awe, so cute-love all the hats!

  10. I'm so sorry your weekend was so hectic! Praying for a better week! <3

    1. Thank you. It has gotten better. So here is to hoping it stays that way!

  11. Minus the vomit I'd say it was a pretty great weekend. Emmy isn't a huge fan of the ocean either. She wants to be able to swim like she does at the pool and gets frustrated she can't. We'll work on that too. Sorry about he vomit. Boo! That's the worst. I hope it was short lived.

  12. Those nights when the kids are sick are the absolute worst, I feel for you!

    The rest of your weekend sounds pretty nice though, and that's great the girls loved playing with the sand, I know many babies/toddlers who hate it!

  13. I think it's so awesome that you are close to the beach! That is my only complaint about living in Texas. We need more beaches (or nicer ones!). I am so sorry Avery got sick! I'm glad it short lived! Hope it's a great week for you all!

  14. Ahh I'm so sorry you had a rough Sunday night - that's definitely not a great way to start the week, but I hope everyone is feeling better! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  15. Loving the beach pics - so, so cute! Sorry you guys had a rough Sunday night. We've been having lots of those lately (just minus the throwing up). Hopefully Avery is feeling better now!