Thursday, August 4, 2016

Confessional Thursday

It's time for another round of confessions. Link up with Lynn and I below.
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/ that my car has been having low oil issues AGAIN. This time I did my research since they told me I needed to talk to Subaru Global after my oil consumption is just within the parameters. Turns out Subaru had a big lawsuit against them for this issue and my vehicle is within the VIN number range. All the issues I am having, is what this lawsuit is about. So now I am annoyed, having to fight with Subaru and hoping to get this issue resolved. Fingers crossed, but not sure they will do much.

/ that I am thinking I might need a new car sooner rather than later if they can't fix this issue. I love my Subaru, but not if it is going to be a liability.

/ there is nothing I hate worse than being on hold for hours waiting for a stupid company to take my call. #ihatesubaru

/ that the best present I received was sleeping in, uninterrupted. I didn't get the girls up or anything. My amazing husband just let me sleep in and enjoy my day. Thank you husband!

/ that I am so ready for, sweaters, boots, scarves, comfort food and fires.

/ that I am writing this post while waiting on hold with Subaru...when I should be working.

/ that I was overwhelmed with the love that I received on my birthday. I was sent emails, texts and phone calls from you all and it MADE my day. So thank you very much.

/ that I love our blogging community. You all help me when I have needed advice on children's milestones, when I complained about not being promoted, when I have had my surgeries, when I needed to vent and when I shared some scary stuff (my traumatic birth story). So thank you all.

/ that I really wanted to do a guest post on a friends blog that I absolutely adore, but with my birthday, all of our last weekend plans and how much I had on my plate, I couldn't do so in a short amount of time. I hope I can do one for her in the future!

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  1. How frustrating. So sorry about your car. I hope it get resolved and in an easy amount of time.

  2. Car trouble is the worst! So sorry. I'm SO ready for fall too. Give me all the cool weather!!

  3. Gah! Car trouble, boo. I'll never forget the day I came home and told husby that I had a faucet light come on in the Cayenne... who knew that that's what the CHECK ENGINE light looked like?

  4. Car issues are awful - just so inconvenient and frustrating. Hope you get everything figured out!

  5. I HATE car issues! Good luck!

  6. Oh man I hope your car stuff gets figured out!! But that birthday gift of sleeping in?! Totally jealous. What a good hubby!! Hope you have a great day and get your car fixed!

  7. Boo car troubles!!! =0( Want to guest post on my blog? I need some stuff for when baby comes!

  8. I need new tires for my car & just debating getting a new car. I'm that lazy :) haha
    I do hate any issues with cars. Its always a hassle

  9. Car trouble is the worst! So sorry, I hope that all gets resolved soon and painlessly. Oh girl I am so ready for boots, sweater weather and football too! What a great gift to be able to sleep in! I know that is all moms want...and to go to the bathroom alone!

  10. Ugh car trouble is the worst! Hopefully it gets resolved or you find something affordable you can rely on!

  11. Ugh, car trouble is such a pain! Do you know what you might get if you decide to get something new? I'm thinking in another year or two I'll be trying to buy something new... not sure what, though.

  12. I hope Subaru gets their act together and helps you out! Being on hold and dealing with big companies like that is the worst! I am sooo so ready for fall too!

  13. Car trouble stinks!! I'm so sorry! But I totally agree with you - I'm ready for fall!!

  14. Car trouble sucks major butt. Yay bday love and the blogger community, I mean it brought me you!