Monday, July 18, 2016


It's Monday again. I am exhausted and the weekend flew by in an instant.

Friday, we ditched work for the beach. We dropped the girls off at daycare (since we already paid for it) and headed up to Tahoe for the day. We spent the day basking in the sun at Hidden Beach. It was amazing and I may have gotten a little sunburnt on my chest. I think I forgot to reapply the sunscreen on my neck area. Ouch.
Crystal clear water 
Hidden Beach Lake Tahoe

After the beach, we picked up the girls and headed home for dinner and bath time. We also did some packing and finally watched The Night Of. Have you seen it? The second episode was on last night and we haven't watched that one, but this show is soooo good. It is a thriller/suspense mini-series on HBO and we are already hooked.

Saturday morning, I went to get gas, coffee and pastries before we headed off to California. We went to the Bay Area to meet my sweet nephew. But first, we had to make a pit stop for lunch at Chick-fil-a. It was the first time the girls had been there. They LOVED it. We even had to order a second set of nuggets for them. 

After lunch, we had a short 45 minute drive left until we got to my sister-in-laws house. And then we got to meet sweet baby Carson.

We were all in heaven. He is so precious, tiny and very handsome. I am one proud aunt and godmother.

We spent the afternoon hanging out with family and helping them out. Around 5 pm, we loaded up for our quick 5 minute drive to our hotel. The girls were getting restless from the car ride and park time with their grandparents, so we quickly fed them leftover bbq (thanks to my in-laws for giving us food for the girls) and then I ventured out for milk, wine and dinner for Rory and I.

I got back around 6:30 where we fed the girls their milk and they went down for the night. Rory and I ate dinner and drank our wine in the dark with the tv as our only light. Such is the life of parents. 

Sunday morning we got up bright and early to head to breakfast. My sister-in-law recommended a great restaurant that has a room for kids to play with a massive train set. 

The girls were in heaven. They would play and then eat some and play again. 

After breakfast we headed to families house to watch the rest of the British Open, have some coffee and catch up. Then it was back over to my sister-in-laws house for more baby snuggles.

Around 1 pm, we headed out to go to the Vacaville Outlets. We didn't get to shop much as the girls were fussy and tired. They are on a new nap schedule and their whole weekend naps were off. I did buy myself a birthday present. 

We stopped for a quick dinner and got home around 6:45. The girls were super cranky on the drive home so we were all tired. After we put the girls down, we relaxed and went to bed early.

How was your weekend?

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  1. Hope you have some aloe for that skin.
    Kudos for the girls having their first Chick-Fil-A outting. Every kid loves it - especially the ones that have the playgrounds inside ;) haha
    Love new baby smell. I always say its the smell of hope :)

  2. Forgetting sunscreen in odd places is the worst, so sorry! What a great Friday you had! And weekend for that matter! Baby snuggles are the best, congrats Aunt! I want chic fil a, NOW!

  3. I always buy myself a birthday present. what did you get?? We just had the first Chik-fil-a open up here in Oregon by us, we haven't tried it yet. I keep hearing it's amazing! good to know it's kid-approved. :-)

  4. Oh my goodness - baby snuggles!! You'll have to share what that birthday present you bought yourself was!! xo, Biana-BlovedBoston

  5. Oh Carson is so beautiful, Danielle! I know you must be enamored! Glad you guys got to get some CFA... I don't know what I would do without it! It's one of our go-to places! Healthy food choices that are also delicious, indoor playgrounds, and excellent customer service... what's not to like??

  6. So glad y'all got some down time on Friday and were able to relax with each other!! Chick fil a is the bomb. It's literally the only meet Jack will eat. Ugh! That sweet baby boy.. Ugh I miss those newborn snugs! I know you enjoyed every second of it!!

  7. Weekends are always too short!! Tahoe looks gorgeous - what an amazing view! I’ve never heard of The Night Of, but I love thriller/suspense movies so I think I need to check this series out! Oh my goodness, how teeny and cute is Carson?! So glad you had a nice weekend visiting with your family! What did you end up buying yourself? And what day is your birthday?

  8. Being an Aunt is so fun! Congrats!

  9. Your nephew is so precious! Looked like a great weekend all around.

  10. I love how you go out for milk and wine. Sounds about right to me! Congrats to you aunt!!

  11. Ditching work for the beach sounds perfect to me!!

  12. seriously I need to move to where you live. So much fun stuff to do.

  13. Congratulations on your sweet nephew & having the honor of being his Godmother! Luke & I were asked to be Godparents of our best friend's little guy. His Baptism was yesterday. Such an incredible gift!

  14. That beach looks amazing! XOXO It looks like you had a fun, busy weekend!

  15. Sounds like a great weekend! I'm jealous of your CA trip- I miss living there!

    1. It really was a fun weekend! You should visit CA soon!

  16. We totally drop off #babybigtruck on days we are both home and spend time together just because we paid for it! Sometimes ya gotta do what you gotta do! We actually did it yesterday!